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    Unable to Configure Outlook Exchange thru VPN


    by shobhit.keral ·

    Hey All,
    I am not a network admin for my company but hold equal knowledge.I need a bit of help from you people.we have Our US office where we have Outlook Exhange setup there for emails for US Office.We have India office where we have Outllok 2003 server exchage set up for India Office Mails.Office network is connected thru VPN and we can easily access US servers.More over we can ping the US exchange server too.But when i try to configure my outlook from india for the US exchange.It automaically jumps to India Exchange.even after disabling my india account it still tries to connect to India server and not getting connected to US mail server.I am a bit confused.Even my network admin was not of much help.I want to configure my US exchange server mail on my system in India.I dont want to use the pop access.Please help.

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