Unable to connect, access denied

By anjan52 ·
I have a win2000 server with around 30 client under the domain. a printer is connected to one of the clients with due share. All of users can print normally. sometimes the users can't print as the msg show "Unable to connect, access denied". If i restart the PC where the printer is connected or the users' pc, it becomes ok. Is there any permanent solution?
Pls help!

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Unable to connect

by khariskh In reply to Unable to connect, access ...

What's the O/S on the client PC where you have the printer hooked up to? For clients you're limited in the number of connection to it - if I'm not mistaken, it's 5.

Network it off of the server instead. If the printer doesn't have a LAN port, get a converter.

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Under Windows XP the Concurrent Allowable Connections

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unable to connect

Are XP Home 5 Concurrent Connections.

XP Media Center 5 Concurrent Connections.

Neither of these OS's can be added to a Domain,

XP Pro 10 Concurrent Connections.

This is the only version of XP that can be added to a Domain.

The problem here is that when other client computers connect to what is effectively a Print Server they do not relinquish their current connection so once 10 computers have sent 1 Print Job it becomes impossible to connect another computer to the computer with the Printer Attached. You need to restart either the computer with the Printer Attached or clear the Current connected computers.

Sometimes an existing computer that is already connected instead of sending a Print Request down the established connection attempts to open another connection and if the Upper Limit is already reached the Print Job Fails.

The permanent solution is to setup a Dedicated Print Sever with a Server OS in use not a Workstation OS.


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The problem is all OS are win2000

by anjan52 In reply to Under Windows XP the Conc ...

The problem is that among the 30 clients, ~26-27 are win2000 due to the low PC configuration. There r 3 printers n they are not network printers. These are HP 1320, Canon 1120 etc. It's not cost effective to set 3 printer server.
Please comment!

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Well the same Concurrent Connection Issues still apply here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The problem is all OS are ...

With Windows 2000 PRO you can only have 10 Concurrent Connections at any one time. That is what the problem is here.

As M$ doesn't address this issue and I have never used a LAN setup that way the only way I'm aware of clearing the Currently Connected Computers is to restart the system. Windows 2000 was never designed to work in this manner.


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how 2 clear connected computers?

by anjan52 In reply to Under Windows XP the Conc ...

By the way, how to clear currently connected computers?

Thanks for the Ext/Int printer server suggestions. I need to talk 2 MGT. Coz $150 is not a small amount in Bangladesh as it seems to U over in US. Lots of ppls get less than $150 per month.

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Clearn connected computers

by khariskh In reply to how 2 clear connected com ...

You might be able to use net session - look up the syntax.

There could also be a setting in GPO to set the session time outs.

Since price is a constraint, check Netgear it's less expensive.

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Client OS win2000

by anjan52 In reply to Unable to connect

the Client OS where the printer is hooked is win2000. R u suggesting me to hook off that printer from the client and connect the printer to LAN with a converter (as it's not a network printer)?
Will it help?

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External Printer Server

by khariskh In reply to This is the way to go

According to the HP's User Guide for the 1320, you'd need an external printer server (appx $150). See page 22 in

You can also use that for the Canon or any other non-network printers.

The best route would be to setup a printer spool/server on your main Windows server and attach these external devices to each printer.

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There are a few different types available

by Jacky Howe In reply to External Printer Server

and the original OP would do better to invest in a couple. I used to print to a single printer with 25 workstations per room.

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