Unable to connect inernet through wireless

By hrpawar ·

I bought a new dell E1505 laptop with dell wirelss 802.11n adaptor in december.

and came back to germany and now i am trying to arcor DSL connection.

It displays "acquiring Network address" and later not connected.

i tried so hard to solve this from various article available on net.

can anyone help me out.

I will be very thankful to ur kind support.


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by azwan06 In reply to Unable to connect inernet ...

May i know what type of wireless connection do you connect is it you wireless or open wireless??

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by hrpawar In reply to Wireless

Thanks for the reply.

Well it is DSL connection with WPA.

I will give u the background of the problem. It displays the available wireless connection and when i enter the key it says authenticating the Acquiring Network Address.

2) Some it has limited or no connection.

3) In all result no access to internet.

I checked all the setting at wireless properties?wireless configuration----window login.

And result is still the same.

This is what I have knowledge about this.

If u can suggest, it would be great help.


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by kler83 In reply to Wireless

May I know what is the name of you WPA and your wireless adapter as well?

Limited or no connectivity will prompt out if you are connected but typed in a wrong key? Or you are automatically connected without being asked for the network key at all. Or try to switch on your laptop's wireless/wi-fi switch....


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No IP address

by tintoman In reply to FYI

It is likely that your computer is not being issues an IP address by the wireless router you are using.
Common couses of this would be that the router DHCP server is not enabled or as the previous post suggested you might have typed the encryption key incorrectly.
You should try connecting to the router by ethernet cable temporarily to verify that you get internet access. and make configuration changes to the router only while you have the ethernet cable connected.
If all else fails open a command prompt window and type ipconfig /all and post the results for us

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Hope this helps...

by kler83 In reply to No IP address

Have you tried any of the suggestions above...?
How about these.If you're using windows vista..
delete all preferred networks under manange wireless networks,(under network and sharing center on control panel). then turn off and on your pc. And then try to reconnect and make sure this time, pc will ask for network key..
if xp,go to network connections, choose wireless network connection then properties...on properties click on wireless network tab and remove all names under preferred networks. then reconnect to your network and see if you will be ask for the key.

hoping removing preferred network will make you get online

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