Unable to connect to server with remote desktop connection

By vitalis1999 ·
I have a server on my LAN which i can ping to successfully and access web pages over the browser but i cannot connect to this server with remote desktop either via IP address on the hostname. however from this server i can successfully connect to other systems with remote desktop connection.
on the server i have confirmed that remote desktop connection is enabled

error when connecting from another system is: This computer cannot connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. if the problem continues contact the owner of the remote computer or you network administrator.

Please what could be the problem

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And the server does what exactly?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unable to connect to serv ...

Also what it is running as an OS would help no end as well as the OS on the Desktops.

Not to mention the LAN Topology.


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Users must have...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Unable to connect to serv ...

Remote access enabled per user and they each MUST have a password. This assumes you are trying to connect to the server from within the LAN. If you are attempting to connect outside the LAN, there are a host of variables to be configured in order to connect.

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by lmalhoit Contributor In reply to Unable to connect to serv ...

Could be a lot of things. Are you using the same username?
Is this a 2008 server? If so, that could affect what workstation it lets connect. Check your RDP settings and try selecting the less secure method.

It could also be a dns issue. On the workstation do a flushdns. Then try to ping the server. Make sure it is the correct address by using the -a switch.

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