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    Unable to connect to upload latest DAT files


    by ome wilem ·

    Not sure where to begin. I’m new to this.
    It started with McAfee not being able to upload latest DAT files. Then I realized neither Ad-Aware, Spybot, nor my email program (Thunderbird) could connect to the internet! The weird part is that IE adn Firefox were both still able to connect. I say were, since after a few days I can not connect to the internet anymore, at all.
    I did download the latest Norton Internet Security Suite with the latest Antivirus files from another computer, then removed the harddrive (drive C:) and mounted it in my other computer to scan. Norton did not find anything !!!!! But now I also have lost internet connection on this computer.
    PLEASE HELP, I’m very frustrated and desperate.
    Thank you.

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      by ome wilem ·

      In reply to Unable to connect to upload latest DAT files


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      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to Unable to connect to upload latest DAT files

      Turn off the firewall that comes with Norton Internet Security, and turn off the xp firewall (if applicable)(see Windows Help)
      If that fixes it, you’ll need to create ‘exceptions’ for your internet accessing programs. See Norton Internet Security Help

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        I’m afraid not related

        by ome wilem ·

        In reply to firewall(s)?

        The fact that one day I was able to get updates for all the earlier mentioned programs, then the next they were unable to ‘update’ themselves is suspicious of virii, not a firewall, since nothing was changed in the system configurations. Is there anything else that can cause this ‘disconnect’ phenomenon? thx

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          could be

          by dr dij ·

          In reply to I’m afraid not related

          but TCP progs can just die. the .dlls get corrupted on the HD. happened on my old systems on win98 but not on win2k or xp. maybe due to more reliable hardware or config. And IE is megs and megs of files. if certain ones get corrupted you can’t connect. I always have 2nd browser installed. If it can connect then use it to re-install m$ IE. If it can’t connect then refresh OS or goto restore point.

          before you do try safe mode with network to see if conx. be sure you have a hardware rounter if at home, as not sure if sw firewalls active when safe mode. and you want zero time connected w/o one.

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