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I am running Windows XP SP3 Professional Edition (licensed) on 2 computers at office, one desktop and one laptop. I have shared my main working folder which resides on the desktop computer. All my files reside in the working folder and its sub-folders.
Earlier, I used work on and create files directly in the shared folder and backup the folder to my laptop at the end of the day. My office staff also created new files in this folder, which were backed up at the end of the day to my laptop.

For the last few days I am facing a peculiar problem while accessing files in the desktop computer's shared folder, from my laptop:

I am not able to copy any new files created on the desktop computer to my laptop.
I can copy files from my laptop to the shared folder on the desktop computer.
I can create new files and modify existing files in the shared folder.
I can overwrite files that already exist on my laptop with their new versions from the desktop computer.
I can copy files created by me in the shared folder from the desktop computer to my laptop.
However, I am not able to copy any new files that were created by my staff directly on the desktop computer.
This appears to be persistent as it happens even if any new shared folders are created by me on the desktop computer.

It appears that some new security restrictions on my laptop computer are preventing me from copying new files from shared locations. I have complete administrator rights on both computers and have tried all sorts of sharing and permission setting options on both to no avail. The computers are part of the same workgroup and not on a domain. Simple file sharing is enabled on both computers and complete read/write permissions are enabled in the shared folder on the desktop computer. I am also an administrator on the laptop to which I try copying new files.

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