Unable to copy the content of pdf and paste in doc or text pad any help

By siddubyadagi ·
I have pdf's docuemnt which is produced by GNU Ghostscript v7.06.. my question is i want to copy a content and paste in text or doc file. it is not happening. any help. and for more information i am using window xp, with service pack 2. for more information on pdf is, it has a fonts TTE<some numbers> ... is any help on this. Thanks advance

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Adobe professional

by patb071 In reply to Unable to copy the conten ...

.pdf are read only. Check on adobe's website and you may be able to download a trial version of adobe professional 9.0 and there is an option to export to a .doc

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Try the 'Foxit PDF Editor' free download ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unable to copy the conten ...

Doesn't have the Glitz or the Glamour of Adobe but it'll get you what you're trying to do.


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This might give you a few pointers......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Unable to copy the conten ...
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by Nimmo In reply to Unable to copy the conten ...

Not sure about Ghost script but Adobe professional has options in it's security to disable copy, paste, print, and allow only read only. I'd take a look at the options that Ghost Script has and see if these are available (they could be enabled on the .pdf).

Also there is no point using Adobe to try and do an export to .doc if these options are enabled & high security is enabled, it just wont work.

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The text may actually be an image

by seanferd In reply to Unable to copy the conten ...

rather than text.

What happens when you try to highlight text?

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This worked for me with a Ghostscript PDF ...

by AkEd In reply to Unable to copy the conten ...

I had the same problem with a PDF that was created in Ghostscript 7.07. The PDF file had no securities on, but that still did not help. I was able to select text as if highlighting real text, but when pasting into Microsoft Word I got gobblygook. I tried this on a Mac and on a PC with same results. That PDF also could not find text using "find".

This worked for me: I opened the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat X. I selected "File >> Save as >> Microsoft Word >> Word Document". It created a .docx file for me that I can now edit and copy and paste from and search in.

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