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    Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

    by allanzeroone ·


    Hello there,

    To give you some background as to what happened, it started with my PC acting up like unable to load application as simple as notepad and sticky notes without having to wait minutes.

    I didn’t want to assume it’s hard drive failure right away so I downloaded a bootable Windows 7 to my flash drive, tried to install it to my C parition of about 40gb. then the “the selected disk has an MBR partition table…” error appeared. I thought deleting the C partition will allow me to install but it didn’t. the partition remained as an allocated space. Maybe that move was stupid and what started this. I feel sorry for myself.

    Nothing happens when I try to create New partition from that 40gb “Drive 0 Unallocated Space”.

    I followed a guide on how to convert MBR to GPT but it will only allow me to select allocated partitions such as the System Reserve and the drive D which where I saved my files.

    to Summarize:

    • 40gb Unallocated Space – nothing happens when creating NEW partition

    • MBR to GPT conversion process won’t allow me to select unallocated space.

    Please let me know if you need further details which can help fix this issue.

    Thank you ALL.

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      by kevinstroot ·

      In reply to Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

      It’s very simple. When you want to convert MBR to GPT and full hard disk format is necessary. There is software that will let you convert a partition to GPT to try that too. But ill suggest boot windows setup UEFI mode by default it is set on that which uses GPT partition table and delete all partitions and create again. You can transfer your data before doing this.

      I checked it my self when I had to update my office computers to windows 10.

      Try first, a software which lets you convert MBR partition to GPT if that doesn’t work then you should for the complete repartitioning.

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      by kevinstroot ·

      In reply to Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

      Repartition the drive when installing windows, try that. But download software that lets you convert MBR partition to GPT. If that doesn’t work, try that repartition thing your data will be lost.

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      Clean the disk and start to create new partition

      by elvisgomes4292 ·

      In reply to Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

      1. In the Install Windows screen, press Shift+F10 to open a command prompt.
      2. Type “diskpart” and press Enter.
      3. Type “list disk”.
      4. Type “select disk X”. The “X” should be replaced by the disk number of the disk that you want to delete.
      5. Type “clean” to delete all partitions on the disk.

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      Try the below fixes to resolve the issue

      by abby1991 ·

      In reply to Unable to create New partition for Unallocated Space

      On a master boot record (MBR) disk, you can only have at most 4 primary partitions or less than 4 primary partitions and 1 extended partition unless you convert it to a dynamic disk. If you already have 4 primary partitions. In this case, Windows cannot create a new partition.

      You can try the below methods to resolve the issue:

      1. Remove Peripherals such as external drive, USB flash drive or memory card, etc. Under this circumstance, you can disconnect all external drives from the USB port of your computer.

      2. Check drive size & format. Most of the time, being unable to create new partitions on unallocated space is due to MBR format. In this case, you can convert MBR to GPT. But before that back up your drive data as it will erase the drive, which will lead to data loss.

      3. Rebuild partition after erasing the drive. After backing up drive, you can wipe and erase the drive thoroughly, and then recreate all the partitions as per your needs.

      Moreover, in case of any data loss situation be prepared with reliable data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery to recover all your lost or deleted data.

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