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Unable to delete files in Fedora Core

By uppulurivasu ·
I get the following error when I run the command ls -la as root. Unable to delete files.

Please help me out, thanks in advance.

ls: cannot read symbolic link .bash_logout: Input/output error
ls: cannot read symbolic link .bashrc: Input/output error
total 4773904887
drwxrwxrwx 2 root ftpusers 4096 May 15 17:13 .
drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 4096 May 15 16:14 ..
l--Sr-srwT 28**1 3974627592 2226860927 2150126332 Oct 14 2004 .bash_logout
lr--rw---T 11566 1829654924 3485565307 71825**09 Feb 26 1985 .bashrc
d-wx-ws-w- 18857 2144111018 3014495803 2621014401 Apr 19 1940 .canna
?-w---Sr-- 4373 6326127 4202423220 2376990304 Nov 25 1955 .emacs
?--x-wS--- 18631 3386850306 4243458230 1078811936 Jul 31 1905 .gtkrc

Srinivas (

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Fedora Core seems to have two file management

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Unable to delete files in ...

problems. This is because it is designed, I believe, as a moronic end user type system now.

1. Is permissions for partitions created in other operating systems - especially Windows; it is almost impossible to change them.

2. It will only allow the owner to delete them, and that is owner as defined by the user ID number in the system. It does not recongise the user name 'Fred' from Windoes as the same user name 'Fred' from FC. In short you can only work on files that you are seen as the owner of by FC.

That being the case I wonder if your problems stem from these as I have had no troubles with deleting files that I created within FC. BUt I do have troubles doing anything but read files created in Windows or as other users.

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UID and GID looks dreadfull

by Eric.Talbot In reply to Unable to delete files in ...

Therefore i would try a FSCK first.

Perms also look ...

I guess you should try Q&A section next time for this type of question.

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