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    Unable to detect my LAN card


    by ananth.ev ·


    I have IBM think pad T60p and I have newly installed OS and some applications and it was working fine for more than a week. Suddenly from yesterday when i switched on my laptop for the first time the network card was not detected and also I am not able to connect to the Internet.I am not able to open the my network connection.I have logged into the safe mode uninstall the LAN drivers. After restarting it works fine. The next morning when I start my laptop the same problem arises.What might be the problem?
    kindly help


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      by ananth.ev ·

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      Os version?

      by suresh_ig ·

      In reply to Unable to detect my LAN card

      which operating system you are using currently? try disable and unable the LAN card once… may work fine.. if possible clearly tell me what error message u r getting?

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        Re;os version

        by ananth.ev ·

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        It is windows 2003 server SP1
        and more over I am not able to see the lan card when i say ipconfig/my network connections. It behaves as if no LAN card only.with out if i restart there is no use.after going to safe mode uninstall the LAN drivers form device manager and again I restart and check means it will work.

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          Do the usual scans

          by bart777 ·

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          Scan for viruses.
          Run Spybot, AdAware, Etc and get any spyware out of the system.

          I’ve seen some pretty nasty worms lately that are only getting picked up by the spyware removal tools.

          One other thing to try is to go into the Device manager and see if the OS is finding the NIC. If you don’t see it there you can have the machine do a search. It should come back.

          If all of this fails you may actually have a bad NIC but I doubt it. Worst case contact IBM for further assistance.

          Best of luck.

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