Unable to Download Updates etc.?

By rwbyshe ·
Just rebuilt a friends Gateway laptop running Vista Home Edition. All is well except one thing.
I am unable to go to or and download updates to IE, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc.
In fact the home page only partially loads - no center area downloads, only the top and bottom areas.

Regarding I can search and find software such as Advanced System Care but can't download it.

The download links on and simply don't work.

I'm assuming there is a setting somewhere that I haven't ever encountered or found yet.

Any help you can provide is welcomed.

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How/why did you rebuild?

by RIUKev In reply to Unable to Download Update ...

Define rebuilt. Did you format the hard drive and reinstall or use a restore disk? Was it because of a virus? I've seen viruses infect computers and not allow them to download updates or av software. Depending on how you "rebuilt" the pc, maybe it's still infected? Have you tried a different web browser also?

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As stated above this sounds like some kind of infection

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unable to Download Update ...

Assuming that you have all of the drivers installed and even if you did format the drive before reloading if you actually reloaded the system.

With some infections I've seen them survive a format and come back as badly as they where previously and this is because when you format a drive with the Full Format option only 1/3 of the drive is written to leaving 2/3 untouched and the possibility exists that what is stored there can came back and bite you in the backside. If you use the Fast Format it's even worse as it only writes tot he Partition Tables and doesn't overwrite much at all on the HDD.

When you get these ones you have to Wipe the Drive with something like Boot & Nuke

Or Kill Disc

But both of those will also destroy any Recovery Partitions on the HDD so you'll want to make sure that you have the Gateway Recovery Disc before starting.

You can try one of the Rescue Cd's to check the system for infections and there is a current TR Discussion on these things here;post-2148

What you are describing isn't normal and sounds like the system is still infected but depending on what you did here to Rebuild this NB it could be piratically anything. If you however did use the Recovery partition on the system you still have an infection that needs cleaning.


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