Unable to enable Laptop monitor as Primary Mystery

By PaulTa ·
Somehow the laptop display monitor on my EVO N610c has mysteriously been disabled. When the machine boots up I see a flash screen showing the Compaq logo but subsequently the only display signal is to the secondary monitor.
I am unable to set Primary monitor signal to laptop monitor at the Windows Control Monitor Settings tab.

The laptop configuration previously was working fine. The machine is on 24/7 and one day I came home to find that the signal just "disappeared" and I am clueless what event occurred to trigger this situation.

Any suggestions?

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Some hints

by NickNielsen In reply to Unable to enable Laptop m ...

Have your tried to enable then internal display using the keyboard shortcut? This information should be in the documentation on the CD.

Are you able to enter BIOS? If so, verify that any display options are set to the internal adapter.

Have you tried booting Windows in safe mode? It's possible your display drivers are bad. If you can see the display in safe mode, update/repair your display drivers.

Hope this helps. nN

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Have same problem... need help tooo!

by ejk In reply to Unable to enable Laptop m ...

I have exactly the same problem... I finally got rid of the multiple monitor feature which took days, and now the compaq logo doesn't even come up. The laptop itself's display is non-responsive and only an external monitor works EXCEPT whn you download some video clips (then it come on perfectLy) so I know its not dead. Just not cooperating! HELP PLEASE!!

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Hardware settings

by NickNielsen In reply to Have same problem... need ...

Not that familiar with Compaq laptops, so I'm guessing there is a setting in the Compaq device management software (equivalent to IBM's Access Thinkpad) causing your problem.

My only other suggestion between my previous post and this one is to call HP support for help.

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same problem

by emesc In reply to Unable to enable Laptop m ...

did you managed to deal with the problem somehow? I have the same effect and cant find a way out. Please post the solution of this situation

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Same issue

by amosohi In reply to Unable to enable Laptop m ...

Did you manage to resolve this as I have the same issue.

Amo Sohi

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am still in the Dark and think the monitor has died..

by PaulTa In reply to Same issue

Hi Folks,
Well, I haven't gotten the monitor up yet.. the Compaq screen doesn't flash up any more... think that it is now dead and the symptoms were just a sign that it was dying... best wishes to all

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