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Unable to find device on network

By itadmin ·
I have an IP that is in use and I want to find out what it is. nslookup and nbtstat doesn't return anything of use. I am unable to browse via the IP . When I port scan only a small number of UDP ports show up. I am able to find the mac address, but that ended being a dead end.

Does anyone know anything else I can try??

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How is it connected to the network?

by NickNielsen In reply to Unable to find device on ...

Switch? Router? Hub?

If it's connected to a router or switch, tracert can usually identify the device it's connected to. If you can, telnet in to that device and identify the port. Then unplug it and see who screams.

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A few things to try

by jdclyde In reply to Unable to find device on ...

First, go to your switch(s) and make sure you can identify every port that is lit up. If you have on that you can't identify, unplug it if you think it might be suspicious.

follow the run back and there is your culprit.

Another option is to go to your firewall and deny access for that IP address to the internet. Then wait to see who calls because they can't get out.

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by Roger99a In reply to Unable to find device on ...

Assuming you have managed switches you can use a "show mac address" and "show cdp neighbors" commands to find the switch and port it's on.

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