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Unable to get Updates from Windows update!!

By rick1056 ·
I bought a copy of XP Pro from an auction site, it had a product key after installation I can't get the version validated through Winows Update Genuine software procees. I get a invalid volume licensing, I reported the transaction to both the auction site (they kicked the seller Off site)and to Microsoft but they never answered. MS had a deal to report illegitimite pirating of XP, saying they'd give you a valid product key but reniged on thee deal. does anyone know of a way to get around this Genuine software validation process?

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Bummer, dude -

by jdgretz In reply to Unable to get Updates fro ...

The old saying - if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is - has struck again.

Personally, I've never known Microsoft to give away XP in the manner you say - but who knows.

You can and will get the Critical Updates by turning on the automatic updates feature of XP even with a pirated copy, but you cannot use the site interactively.

How do you get around this? Go out an purchase a legit copy from your favorite retailer (XP Pro OEM is currently $150 in round numbers).

Good luck

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Should have known better

by jdclyde In reply to Bummer, dude -

Anyone working in the field of IT should know better than to think they are going to get something for nothing or next to nothing.

You WILL pay, either up front, or later on. Time to pay the piper.

And I wouldn't expect any piracy tips from anyone on TR.

The BEST you can do is send a copy of your transaction to MS and hope they feel sorry for you, assuming they believe you in the first place. If you bother them enough, they just may set you up. Otherwise, buy a real copy. If your looking for free, you should have gone linux......

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Legit discounts are available

by DelbertPGH In reply to Bummer, dude -

If you've got a school teacher who loves you, or a college student, you can get an academic discount at a college bookstore. Should be about 90 bucks that way. Any academic ID card will qualify the purchaser for the teacher-student discount.

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go here

by Rolloverman In reply to Bummer, dude -

dude go to tiger and buy it ok if your not a student or have any friends who are ok next time dont buy a priated version get the real deal so you wont have to go thru this

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Yes. It can be done.

by stress junkie In reply to Unable to get Updates fro ...

As jdgretz said, go down to your local computer store and purchase a genuine copy of the software.

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by NZBN In reply to Unable to get Updates fro ...

did the software come with a valid COA

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by pgm554 In reply to COA

windows update workaround

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Buy your own copy

by mjd420nova In reply to Google

I tried that and hit the same wall... Bought
the whole deal and made me happy

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Lessons learned . . .

There were a ton of these floating out there, but it was at the flea markets where they were usually found. Seems there were a bunch that fell off the truck or went out the back door instead of the front door. I assume this is why they've gone to the online Genuine Software certification that gets installed.

See if license number you have matches these :;en-us;326904

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Updates from Windows update

by albert03 In reply to Unable to get Updates fro ...

I had the same problem however I found later that if I left my updates to load up on Auto they were updated automatically.No problem.I don't know that I got everyone of the updates but I know I got the critical ones .

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