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By Anqara05 ·
I have a small business that's behind a netgear FVS114 vpn firewall. i can't reach from behind the firewall.
the request just times out.
Pinging the site fails.
tracert the site fails, the first hop doesn't even show the firewall since it's the gateway.
Looked up the site by IP (Resolved it on an external PC to the network in question) still nothing.
Here my setup:
Site(A) XP/VIsta Machines > Firewall > DSL Modem
Site(B) same as Site(A)
there is a VPN tunnel that's established from site(B) to site(A). both sites use the same provider and the same vpn firewall ( netgear FVS114)
Site(A) has network address of Site(B)has

I cannot browse to from Site(A), however I'm able to do so from Site(B).
firewall on Site(A) has no web site specific rules on outbound traffic.

any ideas what might be causing this?

Thanks in Advance.

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