Unable to Install VPN Checkpoint Software

By lisa.davis ·
Firstly I am not IT qualified just a lowly Marketing Exec trying to fix a problem my IT department cant.

I am trying to install Checkpoint's VPN software so I can work from home to access my workplace's systems.

After install, I get a message of "secureremote failed to start due to an internal error - without secureremote running your machine is not protected"

Apparently what is supposed to happen is a gold key icon should appear in my systray so then I can start to enter IP address for the necessary servers passwords etc.

I have been given lots of advice including finding an LMHOST file and making sure with this specific advice

SecuRemote/SecureClient can not open the LMhosts file for read/write operations.
These errors occur because SecuRemote/SecureClient is not able to access the following file:
Check the LMhosts file for a "read only" attribute set. Change to "read/write".

I have done a search for this lmhost file and can only find a sample one with file extension of .sam

If i was to find one I dont know how to set it to "read/write" I dont even know if the lmhost file is the cause of the problem. I have done lots of unistalls and registry cleaning too.

Any help greatly appreciated!

By the way I have a dell laptop with windows XP.


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