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Unable to load browser after installing XP SP2

By jordan65hk ·
I am not sure if this problem is really have something to do with installing Window XP SP2. But I found this problem interesting to explore.

I recently bought a new laptop PC (it was XP SP1) for my friend and it is OK to access the internet. Then one day I tried to download the SP2. Everything worked fine and then I reboot it. Then I couldn't load any web pages. I first thought it might be the SP2 firewall. But there is still no use after I disabled it.

Strange thing is I can ping and obtain IP, DNS. I have no problem in using another laptop. So it was not the problem of the ISP. I bought the laptop back to my office, cleared all spyware, downloaded Netscape and Firefox. I tried to access the internet thru proxy and fixed IP and both are working fine.

The only problem left seemed to be the DHCP, which is what I used in my friend's apartment.

Is there anyone has experience that the SP2 would affect the DHCP? Or it is becuase of some other factor? Appreciate anyone's help.

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IP address

by BFilmFan In reply to Unable to load browser af ...

If you can ping, then that is not the issue.

Check the IE security settings. They may be set at too high a level.

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by jordan65hk In reply to IP address

Thanks for your reply. The security setting is at medium andI just use the default setting. The problem is when I use it in office by using proxy and fixed IP everything is normal. I didn't modify any setting at all. Any idea?

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Well in the office

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Are you using the same ISP?

If you are then it has to be a connection issue between the LT and ISP if it is a different ISP it is an Issue with the ISP but either way you'll have to ring the ISP for their advice on solving the problem.

As you didn't say if it was a broadband or dial up connection there may be an issue with incompatibility hardware along with SP2, but in all likely hood it is something unrelated to installing SP2 I recently had a dial up no longer working because of noise on the line which was caused by recent rain at that point in time it was the telco's problem to fix the line but if you can connect to the same ISP from a different location on this LT then you'll have to start looking for other problems along the way like surge arrestors in-line with a dial up.

Incidentally you didn't say if you could send/receive e-mail if you can do that it has to be a setting in IE which is causing the problem.

Col ]:)

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by jordan65hk In reply to Well in the office

Thanks for the reply. In office and home they are different ISP. But the problem is I use another laptop with WIN 2000 at home there is no issue (so I can't complain the ISP). But when I switched to that laptop (with SP2) with issue the browser is not loading (once in a while it can load a page or two, then dead). I am using a boardband (tried Dial Up, not working either)and I can ping, get the IP, and tracert everytime.

But the same machine is working perfectly in office by using Proxy and fixed IP. If the laptop's browser can't detect IP assigned by the ISP's DHCP, then why it can ping and tracert? I just can't isolate any factor that might cause the problem. I am really frustrating about it.

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Well I think that you'll have to look in the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

IE Setup you mentioned that the Security was set to Medium but you while can set the security to Medium what about Privacy.

However try this left click on Tools in IE then Internet Options Then Connections and when that window opens LAN settings and set it to Auto Detect Settings and see if that works.

I really think it is something in the Security though have you disabled the Active X in the Security? I would be going through the Custom levels in the Security Options and disabling everything or setting them to Prompt and then try the Privacy Tab and change that to Medium as well. Other than those options I really can not think of what else to try.

OH by the way can you send & receive E-Mails through Outlook Express? I always send myself a test message just to make sure that any computer that I'm working on actually works by is not only sending but receiving E-Mail. This is no more complicated than addressing an E-Mail to the computers E-Mail address and just adding some junk in the Subject field and then sending it to every Account that is on that computer. If that is working it has to be a problem in IE.

I take it that all the patches since SP 2 have been installed and just out of curiosity can you actually log onto the Windows Update page?

If all else fails backup the Address Book, Favorites List and Stored E-Mail and reinstall IE again at the very least that should get things working again as IE could have been damaged in the update when SP 2 was applied.


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by jordan65hk In reply to Well I think that you'll ...

Thanks buddy. I haven't tried the Outlook Express. But I am not able to logon the Windows Update page. The Windows Messenger doesn't either. That's why I can't figure out if it is the IE or internet connection problem (but I can ping/tracert). I tried to load the yahoo and google web site by typing the IP address,doesn't work either, so it may not be the DNS problem. Especially the DNS work with another laptop. All browser pages loaded are with such content in the Property: res://c windows\system32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm#http://www.(domain name). Any clue about it?

Does anyone know if there is any situation that the internet connection can't detect the IP and/or DNS assigned by the DHCP (even thought it can ping, tracert, and see it by ipconfig)?

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I am getting the same problem

by rgoyal76 In reply to


I am getting the same problem. I have also installed the XP SP2 and i have XP Professional. After installing SP2 unable to load web page. even i turn off all firewall. Connectivity is proper..when i uninstalled the SP2 then it workred fine. is it problem with SP2 or some settings are needed to configure. If you have any solution pls let me..

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Good to hear someone has the same problem

by jordan65hk In reply to Unable to load browser af ...

Heard another buddy said he got the same problem after installing SP2. And it worked fine after uninstalled. I will try the same and hopefully it works for me. But I just can't believe SP2 will cause such issue cos I have tried other SP2 laptop on the same connection and it works fine. And it seemed only caused trouble when using DHCP. Anyone has any comment?

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Connectivity with XP2

by hockswender In reply to Unable to load browser af ...

I have no solution yet but similar issue:
Bought new HP seskto but it seemingly didn't connect thru cable modem to mail or inet. However, it was actually dropping the connection after a few seconsds. "Repair" on the connection in the control panel reset the DHCP adressing for a few seconds.
So did running arp -d * in the command window.
Cable folks said it was the card; hp folks said it was the cable modem [works ok on my older win98 machine;the hp geek squad did connect Ok thru their T1 line...].
The hp box had other problems and I returned it; now getting a Dell.
Check arp.

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Check your network card

by ajitwarrier In reply to Connectivity with XP2

I had the same issue after I installed SP2. But then I checked the website of my wireless card and they acknowledged a problem. Downloaded their latest drivers and now I am golden!

Try that. Hopefully it will work for you too.


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