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    Unable to log into local machine after using Cisco VPN


    by matt.johnstone ·

    We’re looking at enabling the Cisco VPN start before windows login option in an attempt to have login scripts load for laptop users when using the VPN connection. This worked fine and did pretty much everything we were looking for. However, after enabling that option we were no longer able to log onto the machine using a local user or Admin account. Even after disabling that option and restarting we’re still locked out of the local Admin account, even when trying to access it through safemode.

    Has anyone encountered this before? If so any advice would be welcomed.

    It is possible it was the PC, it was due to be reformatted/imaged. We just held off to test out some new vpn ideas. Despite that fact, I was still able to login as an Admin on the local machine before we began the VPN modification testing. IE “login on SYSxxx”

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