Unable to log on Small Business Server 2003

By info ·
Currently running SBS 2003.

Cannot log on to server via remote desktop or onto server itself.

Server is working, as e-mails and shared folders all accessible.

Any ideas

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things to do

by jck In reply to Unable to log on Small Bu ...

1) Confirm Remote Desktop is enabled
2) Make sure any internet security is allowing that type of traffic
3) Make sure your router isn't blocking direct access/forwards into your network for that machine/IP address

Good luck

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by info In reply to things to do

The trouble is cannot log on to server to check the above.

The router setting had not change at all.

Would really appreciate your help

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What happens when u try to log on?

by Dedlbug In reply to Unable to log on Small Bu ...

When you are in front of the computer physically, what happens when you try to log on? Does it display an error?

By any chance, have you previously rebooted this server via a remote Desktop connection? Sometimes this can cause issues logging on remotely, but usually not locally.

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Unable to log on

by info In reply to What happens when u try t ...

there appears to be a logon and then an immediate logoff back to the logon prompt. It never gets to the desktop. There is a brief period where I can see the "applying your settings" and then "logging off." This also happens when I try to connect via Remote Desktop. In other respects, the server appears to be serving files OK and I can open a remote computer management snap-in from an MMC on another server or workstation

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see these are the types of questions that makes one wonder

by CG IT In reply to Unable to log on Small Bu ...

if remote desktop is disabled or the remote desktop port isn't forwared from the firewall to the server, you won't be able to log on. Or a member of a security group that has been granted permission. On top of that, most turn off the remote desktop feature and use a 3rd party tool.

the other part of cannot log on to the server itself, the simple answer is, you don't have permission to do so.

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If not a domain controller

by cpubymike In reply to see these are the types o ...

use an ophcrack live cd to get your local admin password than log in and see how your accounts are structured.

also it threw my whole class for a loop the other day no-one had checked the allow remote connections in the checkbox under advanced system properties.

first I would try getting local access via however you need to do it than I would work on the remote.

who knows maybe someone messed with some settings

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