Unable to login

By wesley.chin ·
I get the message "Windows is unable to load user's profilebut has logged you on with the default profile for the system. Detail: Insufficient system resources exist to complete requested service" at the welcome screen of XP. I have created a new user account and copied my old information into the new account. But I still get the same message at the welcome screen. My XP CD does not have any service packs on it, and before the message appeared, I had installed SP3. With that, can I still use "sfc /scannow" with the XP CD that I have? I also get a message that userinit.exe did not load properly.

I have my virtual memory settings set to Windows managed.

I am really frustrated.

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Yes you can use SFC

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unable to login

But it will return the system to the same as if it was just loaded with the Install Disc. So if this is the original XP then you'll need to apply SP2 and 3 as well as any Hot Fixes released after SP3.

So as it's telling you that you have Insufficient System Resources available what are they?

How much RAM do you have installed here and is any of it shared to generate Video?

What Speed CPU do you have?

I have just noticed with the XP Service Packs that they are effectively like New OS's which have higher system requirements that the Original XP did so applying SP3 may exceed your current configuration.


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by wesley.chin In reply to Yes you can use SFC

the machine in question has 512 MB RAM, 2.6 Ghz CPU, part of the RAM is shared for video.
Since management has no plans to upgrade the RAM, I have changed the virtual memory settings to windows managed instead of fixed.

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RE:- virtual memory settings to windows managed instead of fixed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reply

That is probably part of the problem. M$ says to have at least double to 4 times the Installed Memory as Virtual RAM for low Memory Configurations like this.

However I have found that increasing the Virtual Size beyond this may help with performance. Here it all depends what the system is being used to do but as a rough guide setting the Virtual Memory to a Minimum of 1 GIG and a Maximum of 2 GIG should improve things if you have the HDD space.

A bit of experimentation may be required here to get the best performance out of the hardware and you may need to alter the actual values. It wouldn't hurt going up to a Minimum of 1.5 GIG but first you should try some setting and see how well it performs.

Virtual RAM isn't anywhere near as fast as Actual RAM but it's better than nothing.


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Also you might take a look in the event viewer

by Michael Jay In reply to RE:- virtual memory setti ...

under system and see if you are getting any hard drive errors.

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safe mode and Back up

by IT.vgomez In reply to Unable to login

Look you have some type of corruption on your Disk. 1) either from real bad shutdown procedures or bad virus infections. I recomend login to SELF MODE and BAK. Then run a Malware fix. try loging in again if you get the same error, then at least you got your info. BAK and now you could just wipe your system clean and restore your Info.

If that don't which i thought. Your hardware compatibility is in question.

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