Unable to open any local drive................

By snaido ·
Hi all,

This is Snaido. I have a PC that runs with a 250 gb hard-disk and windows xp sp2 installed on it. Recently I had a few virus attacks and i formated my C: drive and installed the OS once again.

But The problem That i face now is that whenever I open 'My Computer' and try to open a local drive, I get an 'Open With' Box popping up. This happens when I double click on it or even when i right click and try to open it. But I am able to view its contents in windows explorer when I make a single click on the drive in the left pane of the explorer.

Please check the image below to know more about what i am talking about......

Please help.

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browse to "explorer.exe"

by The Scummy One In reply to Unable to open any local ...

and check the "Always open using" option.

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Not working

by snaido In reply to browse to "explorer.exe"

That option is not highlighted. Am not able to click on it...... Please check the image there.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Unable to open any local ...

Try this

Win+R | cmd/k f:

What happens then?

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Doesn't seem to work

by snaido In reply to hmm.

I tried opening it in the command prompt and my f drive opens from there. But not working in windows.

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Try this

by IC-IT In reply to Unable to open any local ...

Open a cmdprompt (or Run) and type - regsvr32 /i shell32.dll

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i just tried this on my server

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Try this

cool. really speeds things up when browsing the network too.

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by snaido In reply to Unable to open any local ...

Thankyou Guys for your support...............

I tried installing an antivirus and a spyware which rectified my problem fully.........

Once again Thanks a lot to all you guys.........

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which antivirus

by vishista.saumya In reply to Hurray...................

which antivirus did u use buddy? even m experiencing the same problem.. help me with it... tnx..

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Did you find a solution to fix your local drive problem?

by huangpower In reply to Unable to open any local ...

I am experiencing the same problem opening any drive, wondering if you have found any solution to fix it?

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