unable to open encrypted files

By bashobo ·
I used to keep my videos and pictures in a specific folder called digital locker downloads, One day I downloaded the update for NERO 7, after that my system got unstable and used to give blue screen errors, I decided to do a windows reinstall, but even that was not happening, I did not want to loose my data, so I installed windows in the existing windows folder (it gives an option while installing). I am using windows xp professional, After successful installation, I am able to see my old programs, files, folders, everything, but I am not able to open files in the digital locker downloades, these files seem to be encrypted as the file names come in green colour since the previous installation, DIGITAL LOCKER DOWNLOADS FOLDER in itself seem to be an encrypted folder, since the begining, as the name comes in green colour, now going in to the security tab of the folder properties, I gained access inside the folder, but the files are still in green colour and the attributes are " AE ", I am not able to open any file, the message given out is "access denied".

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You need to take Ownership

by seanferd In reply to unable to open encrypted ...

of those directories and their contents. Click Advanced on the security tab, see the owner tab.

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You need your private certificate

by p.j.hutchison In reply to You need to take Ownershi ...

When you encrypted your files, did you backup your certificate you used to encrypt the files?

If not, then you in trouble as it is not possible to open the files (gaining permission does NOT circumvent the encryption).
You will have to restore the machine to the point BEFORE you had your trouble and be able to login with the original account to gain access.

You can then access the Certificates console to gain access to your personal certificate used to encrypt the files. If your PC is in a domain or got the certificate from an Online CA, you can ask your Certificate authority admin to recover your certificate for you.

If not, you have lost access to your files will not be able to open them again

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by seanferd In reply to You need your private cer ...

Taking ownership will not decrypt the files! :) It will only get you access to them to decrypt them, if necessary. If access is denied solely on the grounds that they are encrypted, then you'll need to find your certificate.

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You'll first need to Take Ownership of the files

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to unable to open encrypted ...

By following the directions here;en-us;308421

Then Import your EFS Recovery Agent into Windows by following the directions here

If you did not backup your Key/Certificate M$'s advice would be to Find a Good Hacker as that is about your only hope here. You have deleted the Key when you installed Windows and this overwrote the previous install along with the Key/Certificate for the Encrypted File System.


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