unable to open .pdf file on inernet

By slz_2003 ·
hi there

i m using windows 2000 professional and install acrobad 7.0.8 ver.

on internet when i m trying to open file, its nt opening

will u pls. help me

my e-mail address :

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some one can help me regarding my question

by slz_2003 In reply to unable to open .pdf file ...

hi there

any one pls. help me to solve my problem, i m unable to open pdf fine on internet explorer.

when i click on the link, only one icon is coming right on top and page is blank

pls. need ur help

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The only thing that I can think of

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to unable to open .pdf file ...

Is that when you installed Adobe 7 did you allow it to plug into IE?

This is something that I haven't seen previously but by the same token I haven't used Y2K much either. Most of my clients went from 98SE to XP or NT4 to XP and skipped Y2K as a desktop application.

If you have IE6 installed Adobe Reader should just integrate into it as a Plug In.

The other thing is what level do you have your IE Security Settings Set to it's also possible that they are set too high and are not allowing Plug Ins to activate or download.


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Most likely that

by Kiltie In reply to The only thing that I can ...

What browser are you using, we assume IE? It should plug into IE all by itself.

What are you trying to access, just any old PDF, or a one from a particular site? Can you open a PDF if not on a web page, or from another web page.

It may also be a cookie problem, as I had this happen to me when trying the darn TR PDF downloads. It wasn't until I got a hint from elsewhere and specifically added to my allowed site list that I could open a PDF instead of downloading it first.

Like Col said it could be your security settings, permissions for cookies come under that heading, I suppose.

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If it is not opening

by w2ktechman In reply to unable to open .pdf file ...

from IE but it is with a downloaded document, you may need to make a small change.
Open Acrobat reader
go to Edit menu
go to Preferences
in the preferences list go to "Internet"
there should be a checkmark in 'Display in a browser', if not add it and press the OK button.
If the checkmark was there, uncheck it and press OK. then close Acrobat. Re-open Acrobat and place the checkmark in it and press OK

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by slz_2003 In reply to If it is not opening

the only way to clean some online viruses that may lead you into troubles :

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displaying .pdf files in browser window

by carole-y In reply to unable to open .pdf file ...

To eliminate the browser from the issue, right-click on the link to the .pdf and select "Save As". Save the .pdf file somewhere locally and then open it using Acrobat reader.

I have seen some issues with viewing .pdf files in IE, and this should be a quick workaround for that.


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thanks all of u guys

by slz_2003 In reply to displaying .pdf files in ...

the only way to clean some online viruses that may lead you into troubles :

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