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Unable to partition notebook hard disk

By phildavis516 ·
I have a Compaq Presario 2188CL notebook running Windows XP Home. I am trying to partition the hard drive using Partition Magic 8.0 and have so far been unsuccessful. All seems to be going well as I get prompts that the system must reboot for changes to take effect. After reboot there are no changes to the hard drive. Any ideas?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Unable to partition noteb ...

the stuff i found has to do with stopping compaq services, disabling Compaq power management, upgrading the ROMpaq (a good idea regardless, imho) and these two:

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by sgt_shultz In reply to


Solution: Error 10002

Cause 1: This error is reported when Windows denies the PowerQuest product direct access to the drive.

Fix 1a: First try the following:

1. Copy the PQVXD.vxd file from the PowerQuest product installation CD (or from the directory on your hard drive where the PowerQuest product is installed) to the System directory.

If the error is still reported, delete the PQVXD.vxd file from your System directory and reinstall the PowerQuest product.

Fix 1b: If Fix 1a does not work, try the following:

1. End all Windows processes that are not needed for the operating system to run correctly. (For information on processes you should not shut down, see PowerQuest Solution 764, "Minimum Processes Required for NT to Run," or PowerQuest Solution 765, "Minimum Processes Required for Windows 2000 to Run."

2. Try using your PowerQuest product again.

Fix 1c: If you are experiencing the error with PartitionMagic, try running PartitionMagic from the Rescue Diskettes.

Fix 1d. If the error is reported on a Windows 2000 system, try the following:

1. Uninstall the PowerQuest product (whether it is a demo or the full version of the product).

2. Reboot the computer.

3. Install Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (or reinstall it if it is already installed).

4. Reboot the computer.

5. Reinstall the PowerQuest product.

6. Reboot the computer.

7. Run the PowerQuest product.

If Windows still denies the PowerQuest product direct access to the drive after you have tried the preceding fixes, please contact PowerQuest Technical Support for further assistance.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

If this error is reported on a Compaq system, download the latest Compaq Power Management SoftPaqs (driver and firmware).
Turn off all Compaq Management services, this must be done offline.

Software download links:

PDF documentation (discusses NT install order of Compaq drivers):
Error 10002
Access violation errors
Access violation errors also reported in safe mode
Problem Environment
PowerManage Suite
PowerExpert ST
PartitionMagic 6.x
PartitionMagic 6.x Pro
PartitionMagic 7.x
Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Cause(s) of the problem
This error can also be caused by Compaq's Power Management software. Compaq Notebook, Desktop and Server.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

Solution: PartitionMagic reports that there is no active partition

Cause 1: In a configuration with mixed IDE and SCSI hard drives, Windows NT/2000/XP does not always see the boot drive as the first physical hard drive. PartitionMagic displays drives in the order Windows NT reports them. As a result, you may see your boot device as Drive 1, 2, etc. This does not cause problems for PartitionMagic except when you are setting a new active partition, in which case PartitionMagic may incorrectly report that there is no active partition on your system.

Fix 1: When selecting a partition to set active, be sure that you choose a partition located on the boot drive. IMPORTANT NOTE: In a mixed IDE and SCSI configuration, there is a possibility that your BOOT.INI file can be corrupted when you try to set an active partition with PartitionMagic; therefore, it is recommended that you back up your BOOT.INI file before you run PartitionMagic.

Cause 2: PartitionMagic may also report that there is no active partition if the system recognizes a removable media device as the boot device.

Fix 2: Make sure no removable media devices (including Compaq flash cards, Jaz drives, Zip drives, etc.) appear in the IDE configuration or the boot sequence.

Problem Description:
PartitionMagic reports that there is no active partition
No active partition

Problem Environment
Mixed IDE and SCSI configuration

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

bet i made hash of those pastes.
anyhow, symantec supports partitionmagic is the link

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by eeg161x In reply to Unable to partition noteb ...

I believe there is an update patch for PQ PM 8.0.
I'm still using v7.0 because its not as buggy as 8.0.

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by phildavis516 In reply to

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by phildavis516 In reply to Unable to partition noteb ...

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