Unable to play videos with Media Usage Rights

By pita_ruben ·
Hello to all of you guys.

First thank you so much for your always fast, valuable and priceless support.

Hopefully once again you can guide to the solution of this problem.

I have a Dell Latitude D630 with Windows XP SP3 and Windows Media Player 11.

Happens that whenever I try to play a video (Independent videos Not DVD) in my laptop containing Media Usage Rights, the Windows Media Player give me the same error over and over and I have changed every possible configuration in the WMP.

I had reinstalled Windows, Reinstalled ServicePack, disabled firewalls, everything and nothing appear to work. What do you think I could do or check?

The error message reads: Windows Media Player encoountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, Click Web Help.


Thank you so much for your support.


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The error does not mention DRM

by seanferd In reply to Unable to play videos wit ...

are you sure that is the problem? Why?

What do you get when you click on "Web Help"? Is there any other error information?

With just that error message, it could be anything - missing codec, corrupt file, whatever.

Do these independent videos have a DRM component? What format are they in? Are they local, or accessed over the internet?

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Media Usage Rights unable to play

by pita_ruben In reply to The error does not mentio ...

Hi Seanferd,

Tne files are .wmv and in my previous laptop the ones that I donwloaded there they played normally. Now the ones downloaded to my new laptop are the onces having this problem, so the problem is somewhere in the configuration of this laptop.

I forgot to mention that this laptop has a customized image of XP with my company standards.

In the error there is not mention of DRM. I mention that because my problem is only when play that kind of videos, other than that I play all knid of media format in this laptop wthout any problem.

Thank you so much for your support.

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How many videos are we talking about here ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Media Usage Rights unable ...

Also have ALL these problem videos originated from the same website ?

I seriously doubt if this is anything to do with DRM. If it was a DRM problem, the pop-up would invite you to request authentication for the file by going online to Microsoft (and then invariably refusing to help you).

Depending on how many files we are talking about and how you've downloaded them (perhaps from a torrent and downloaded multiple parts to be assembled when offline) there is always the chance that you've got a dodgy download regime and the files are simply corrupted.

You mentioned that the files you downloaded on your old laptop would play normally but these downloads on your new system don't play - have you still got copies of the ones you downloaded using the old laptop ?

How do they run - do they play alright ?

You didn't mention - are these WMVs on your hard drive or have you burned them to optical disc ? - Because you may have a bad batch of optical media and it's not the fault of the files at all.

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Problem with videos with Media Usage Rights

by pita_ruben In reply to How many videos are we ta ...

First, thank you so much for your support.

Let give you a little bit more info:

The videos have been downloaded legally from the same website which I preffer to reserve the name for ethical matters.

They come to be played as download in format .WMV.

Files with Media Usage Rights can be played only in the computer where they acquired the lisence so no way to play the same in my old laptop and the new.

In my old laptop I when I played them the actived all the process to download the licese and completed and played successfully.

That shows that whatever is the problem is with the OS image in installed in my new laptop.

How this extra info can help you to figure out.

Thank you once again.

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"..a little bit more info.." is right on the money !...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Problem with videos with ...

I can't help but feel that you are getting all confused as to what is happening when these files fail to play in the usual manner.

You keep going on about Media Usage Rights when there is no indication that the problem lies there.

Now you reckon you've downloaded them all legally but won't say from where, for ETHICAL MATTERS. Surely if they're 'legal' they are also 'ethical'. However, given the site that you are using to host your screenshot, the ethics of your WMV files is the least of your worries.

I would ask you to re-read Seanferd's post. - What happens when you invoke the 'WEB HELP' option? What diagnosis do you get from WMP11 when you go online to search for a solution?

WMP11 (and in all of it's previous marques) has always been a bit on the flaky side when it comes to playing media files. Have you tried using an alternative media player?

GOM Player


Media Player Classic

Rather than needlessly bash away with an already flaky player, try using one of the alterbatives scattered around the internet. They're all FREE and far better than the TOY that Microsoft include with Windows.


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Here is the Error Code

by pita_ruben In reply to "..a little bit more info ...

Thanks OldER Mycroft.

Here is the error code it shows when I click on the "Web help" botton: C00D11B1

And this is the link of the page: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/webhelp/default.aspx?&mpver=11.0.5721.5260&id=C00D11B1&contextid=71&originalid=80070057

Yes, I did tray using another player like DivX, Total Video Players, RealOne, etc.

Thank you so much one again to all of you guys.

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hardware locked?

by balge In reply to Unable to play videos wit ...

just a thought, sometimes downloads are tied to hardware, you can only play them on the hardware they were d/led to ..you could try putting them on disc or USB see if they can be moved ?

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Problem with videos with Media Usage Rights

by pita_ruben In reply to hardware locked?

Thank you Balge...

I already tried this.

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Here is the solution to my problem - Thanks

by pita_ruben In reply to Unable to play videos wit ...

Hi guys,

By making a deep research in microsoft.com I finally found the solution to my problem and for the support of the forum all our community Im posting my find here.

In the following link you will find detailed information explaining how to upgrade the DRM content of Windows Media Player in your computer.


Thank you so much to all of you guys and this include to all of you that were willing to contribute but didnt have the answer to my problem.

Best regards.

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Whoa !! - Let's just backtrack a bit here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Here is the solution to m ...

You were hardly forthcoming with details of your problem, being that you were concerned about Ethical Matters and all.

This 'solution' that you have posted bears no resemblance to ANYTHING that you previously posted within this thread - Zune Software, Zune Live, Zune Marketplace, even the Error Code of C00D12F5 - YOUR error code was C00D11B1 and you never made ANY mention of Zune-ANYTHING!

We could hardly have found the answer when you never told us the correct details.

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