Unable to power up a Dell Optiplex 745 Mini tower

By chalemba ·
I have two Dell Optiplex 745 that will not power up. They were working fine one day, powered off for the night and the next day they did not power on. No disk or fan sounds. Power light is off and the light on the mother board is amber. No beeps, no LED lights on the back. I've tried a good power source. The PC?s have not been giving any problems until they just decided to quit. I've reseated the cables and memory. How can I tell if it is the power switch, the power supply, the mother board or something else? Thanks in advance.

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A couple of checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to Unable to power up a Dell ...

If the power light is off ? The computer is either turned off or is not receiving power.

Reseat the power cable into both the power connector on the back of the computer and the electrical outlet.

If the computer is plugged into a power strip, ensure that the power strip is plugged into an electrical outlet and that the power strip is turned on. Also bypass power protection devices, power strips, and power extension cables to verify that the computer turns on properly.

Ensure that the electrical outlet is working by testing it with another device, such as a lamp.

Ensure that the main power cable and front panel cable are securely connected to the system board.

To help you troubleshoot a problem, your computer has four lights labeled "1," "2," "3," and "4" on the front or back panel. The lights can be off or green. When the computer starts normally, the patterns or codes on the lights change as the boot process completes.

If the POST portion of system boot completes successfully, all four lights display solid green. If the computer malfunctions during the POST process, the pattern displayed on the LEDs may help identify where in the process the computer halted.

NOTE: The orientation of the diagnostic lights may vary dependent upon the computer type. The diagnostic lights can appear either vertical or horizontal.

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