Unable to preview Office 2007 clip art

By McIntyreM ·
Our school is using Office 2007 on all computers, with Windows XP Pro SP3. When we try to search for clip art, using the Clip Art pane, it only displays the thumbnails for the local collections (be it already installed with Office or customized My Collections), but it doesn't display any of the thumbnails for the Web Collections. I have searched online for nearly an hour to discover a solution to this problem, but the answers I've found only come so close, but not close enough to resolve the issue. We do use a firewall/content filter with a small client program installed on the local workstation. The only thing that this local client program does is to verify the user's Windows login with Active Directory, and then give access to the Internet. The two links below seem to be heading in the right direction, but don't give enough information to solve this problem:

Does anyone have any additional tips that they can give that might help us solve this problem?

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Speak to your System Administrator....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Unable to preview Office ...

It seems as if your firewall/filtering program is blocking the content. If the school is using WebSense, that would explain it. The System Administrator might need to open up access so you can view the clips.

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I am the SysAdmin

by McIntyreM In reply to Speak to your System Admi ...

I am the network administrator for our school. We don't use WebSense. If I knew what was causing the problem, I wouldn't have posted this question. I don't believe it is our filter, but I haven't eliminated it from the possible causes. We use a multifaceted appliance that is both our firewall and our content filter. I'm wondering if it's the firewall, not the filter.

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Web clipart

by butkus In reply to Unable to preview Office ...

What's you Internet pipeline? If you do this, every time someone searches for clipart, it will download the clipart files. Do that with 25 in a class, that's a lot of data. Our T-1 line gets hit hard when they do that.
There is an option (may need to be set by an administrator) in "Clip art"
"Search in" and choose from the drop down menu, "+" Web Collection, check the box for "Microsoft Office on-line"
I only have Office 2003.

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Same problem

by scronmil In reply to Unable to preview Office ...

We are experiencing the exact same problem as Mcintyre describes. Began occuring about 3 weeks ago. 3 (of our 200 users) have reported SUDDENLY no longer having access to "Microsoft Office Online" Web Collection when attempting to INSERT/CLIPART.

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Suddenly it works...

by McIntyreM In reply to Unable to preview Office ...

I hadn't done anything and all of sudden it started working again this week. Now, I would have to say that this was a Microsoft problem.

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Updates on your end?

by scronmil In reply to Suddenly it works...

I have uninstalled Office/Reinstalled w/ all patches and still get same problem (Microsoft Office Online is not listed under the Web Collection when user INSERT/CLIP ART. Issue doesn't appear to following individual and is not unique to the computer. Person A has issue on computer A, but not computer B. Person A and Person B do not have same issue on same computer. I am stumped!

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No updates, no changes made.

by McIntyreM In reply to Updates on your end?

I'm just as stumped as you are. I hadn't done anything to the computer, nor to my firewall. Just one or two weeks later, it starts working again.

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