Unable to print from network printer

By davis_charlie ·
I have a single user that is unable to print to a specific network printer. He can browse to it in active directory, connect to it, open the queue and select the printer as his default, but nothing will print. Other users are able to print to it with no issues. The user is also able to select other printers on the network of the same type and print to them with no problem.

I have removed and reinstalled the printer and restarted the print server to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas as to what to check next?

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What OS?

by Kenone In reply to Unable to print from netw ...

Is this a regular user? Can any other account print to it from the same station?

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Operating Systems

by davis_charlie In reply to What OS?

The printer is attached to a Windows 2003 R2 print server and the end user is using Windows XP SP2.

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If you log in

by Kenone In reply to Operating Systems

to the XP box as an Admin account can you print to that printer? I assume you can print to it from the print server.

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User has local admin rights

by davis_charlie In reply to If you log in

I haven't tried to RDP in yet, but I can print to it directly from the print server with my domain admin account. Other users have no problem with the printer, only this one user.

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Trying to contact the user now

by davis_charlie In reply to If you log in

for permission to log into his PC.

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Can't print as admin

by davis_charlie In reply to If you log in

I spoke to the on site supporter and he tried the following while logged in as local admin:

- Remove/Reinstall printer
- Create a standard TCP/IP port locally
- Update driver after downloading it from the manufacturer's web site

Nothing worked. It appears to be OS related and not user specific.

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Nothing worked?

by Kenone In reply to Can't print as admin

He could not remove the printer?
Make sure the port is the same as the other ports that work, not the address but everything else should be the same.
If you download the latest driver why do you need to update it? Never, ever use MS driver updates.

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More info please

by unhappyuser In reply to Unable to print from netw ...

What is the printer (make and model)?

Have you downloaded the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website?

Are there applications on this computer that aren't on other computers?

Have you checked network permissions for that computer?

Is it just that particular printer that the computer is having issues with?

Can you restore the registry from an earlier time?

I apologize for asking so many questions but this should help with getting an answer.


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Single User Unable to Network Print

by dh9777usa1 In reply to Unable to print from netw ...

Have you tried to manually connect the user directly to the printer IP? Also if the user has a limited user account on the PC, AD may not be granting sufficient share priveledges to the printer but try the manual connection directly to the printer IP first, you can pick the problem apart later.

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Cycle through another printer choice

by ebay.duckworth In reply to Unable to print from netw ...

You describe a problem I have experienced intermitently. I have stumbled across the following as a solution: I select an alternate printer in the print screen and wait for a moment while the PC considers the matter then cancel out of the print screen. I then reopen the print screen and select the first printer and this time it will print. Still haven't worked out what the problem is. I recolect that I am generally working on old excel files, setting print areas and wanting to print selected text.

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