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Unable to read burned CDs

By TABComputers2002 ·
I'm having a problem re-installing software on one of my computers. I re-installed 98SE so I know my CDRom works, but when I try to copy back programs from CDs I've burned on a different system, they won't read. When I put a burned disc in the drive, all I get is a rapid flashing light(green). Am I forgetting to install something or could the drive be too old to read a burned CD? The drive predates burners.


ps... machine is a P1 - 233Mhz MMX with 64meg and a 15 gig HD. (Yeah I know.. bump the memory up, that's the next project)

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by shawn In reply to Unable to read burned CDs

What software did you use to burn the CD Sometimes, if you use drag n' drop with DirectCD, you need to "finalize" the CD so it can be read by other CD players.

Hope this helps.


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by TABComputers2002 In reply to

I used Easy CD Creator 4. I've learned never to use DirectCD, for just that reason.

Thanks tho.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Unable to read burned CDs

Windows 98 is tempermental about CDRs:

1) Open the "Control Panel" folder and click on the "System" icon.

2) Select the "Device Manager" tab.

3) Click on the CDROM icon

4) For each CDROM device in the list...
Select the device.
Select the "Settings" tab.
Enable the "Disconnect" option.
Enable the "Sync Data Transfer" option.
Disable the "Auto Insert Notification" option.
Disable the "DMA" option (if available).
Click on "OK"

Good Luck,

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to

I changed the setting and rebooted. It still won't read. Thanks for the help.


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by TheChas In reply to Unable to read burned CDs

Have you installed the specific IDE driver for the chip-set on the motherboard?
Unless the motherboard has an Intel chip-set, the default Windows 98 IDE driver does not work very well.

Have you tried reading a commercial CD since installing Windows?

I agree with making sure that the disk and not just the session was closed.

How old is the CD drive?
Unless it is slower than a 12X, I would not expect problems reading CD-R disks.


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by TABComputers2002 In reply to

I went and double checked the original CDs that came with the system, and there wasn't a system disk. The only thing different from the original install, is it came with 98, and I put 98SE on it. The CD is a memorex 40x, but its more than 6 yrs old, and there was no software for it. Commercial CDs work fine.

Thanks for your help tho.

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by aramos15 In reply to Unable to read burned CDs

Use the Joliet option in your software when create a CD.

Good luck

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by TABComputers2002 In reply to

I'll have to check for that in my burning software, but it won't help me read the CDs I already have info on that aren't reading.


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by TABComputers2002 In reply to Unable to read burned CDs

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