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    unable to read file error


    by thompsonwj ·

    Office 2000 is no longer able to open files. Word gives an error that the file is unavailable. Excel says it cannot open files. The files open fine on other machines. The problems started with Off2000 and after uninstalling and loading Office XP it continues. Anyone have an idea of a fix?

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      Reply To: unable to read file error

      by vinnyd ·

      In reply to unable to read file error

      I have seen this happen on computers that are part of a windows 2000 server domain.

      The profile on the computer becomes corrupted and the office programs had problems.

      If this is your configuration, try disconnecting from the network, login to the local computer and see if word or excel can open one of the problem files.

      If it does, you will need to delete the profile on the local computer and the network server. Then recreate the profile over again. Be safe and create a backup of the existing bad profile first so you can copy over items from the old profile to make the process easier.

      Since you did not give enought information about what your configuration is, those of us who read and reply to the message are just going to be guessing.

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