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Unable to receive packets

By bfadero ·
I have a situation where I am running XP on my laptop and trying to connect to the internet. Even though there is a notification saying I am connected(using LAN), the connection shows that it has sent packets but no packets have been received. Even when I try repair the connection or release and renew the IP address from the DHCP server, it times saying that it is unable to renew the address. All this time it still says there is a connection. And if I can't get a new IP address lease I am unable to browse the internet. I have disabled the firewall and checked to see if there is anything preventing it from receiving packets but can't find anything.

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by In reply to Unable to receive packets


This is a guess...

Is this a corporate network? If so, have you coordinated your effort to connect with the local IT people?

Corporate networks often control access via MAC (media access control) address filtering. Each device has a unique MAC address. Your ethernet adapter has one. If the corporate network employs MAC filtering, it will not route your packets unless your MAC address is in the table in the router.

Was this the problem?

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by bfadero In reply to

It is a corporate network I'm trying to connect to, but the thing is I tried connect with another laptop and was able to connect to the internet. I now then tried with the other laptop and I still could not connect with it. So it appears to be linked to that particular laptop.

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by Gary Aitchison In reply to Unable to receive packets

Usually, you will always get an indicator that there is a connection if plugged into a LAN. Just because it says that you're connected doesn't mean that you'll have access to anything on the LAN. Your laptop will just be picking up on the fact the you've plugged a cable in and it can send packets somewhere.

Have you checked that there are available address leases in DHCP on your server? If all of your leases have been used up you'll need to extend you lease pool.

Also, just to get to the basics, is DHCP enabled on your laptop and TCP/IP set to automatically obtain address?

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by bfadero In reply to

The settings are set to DHCP and I'm able to connect using another laptop. The problem seems to be with a particular laptop because I am using the same cables and port for both of them. Could there be any settings on the affected laptop preventing it from connecting?

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by Gary Aitchison In reply to Unable to receive packets

If the other laptop that you're using already had an IP address lease in DHCP on your server then you should never have problems reconnecting it. However, if your address lease pool has been fully used up on the server you'll never be able to connect a new PC or laptop without either deleting some unrequired IP addresses or increasing the lease pool. It sounds like all of the settings are correct on your laptop so might be worth checking DHCP just to eliminate that.

Do you also know for sure that your network is not using MAC Address filtering as Steve mentioned in his answer earlier?

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by bfadero In reply to

The other laptop does not already have a DHCP lease from the server because it still comes up with a registration page which you have to agree to its terms and conditions first. I am trying to connect to the internet in a hotel. The way the system works is that once you click you browser, it comes up with a registration page for you to agree to it before you can actually browse the internet. Now with one of the my laptops, it comes up with the registration page but with the other it comes up with page not displayed and can not pick up an IP address for some reason. Everything mentioned previously has been checked so could there be anything else preveting it from picking up an IP address?

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Change your value than restart

by me2god In reply to Unable to receive packets

get to local area connection status in control panel, than network & internet connection, network connection, right click and open status, click properties, in the new window click configure, click advanced and CHANGE YOUR VALUE TO THE SMALLEST value, than click ok. your need to restart your computer and restart your internet service at the same time. enjoy

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hai bfadero

by dolphinopera In reply to Unable to receive packets

hai bfadero,

This seems that u can send the packets somewhere.
This is nothing but the mistake made at the time of crimping the network cable(i.e problem with the network port) or with the lan cable. Or otherwise the network port is damaged.

change these both and let me know the result

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