Unable to recieve email on my domain (exchange 2003)

By addiss ·
Hi Experts,

I've build sbs exchange 2003 and have Endian firewall...i've setup dns on godaddy and created mx recored...I'm able to send email not able to recceive, I got error code 550...Please help.

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Moro info needed

by oskari.koskinen In reply to Unable to recieve email o ...

Can you send mail inside the domain? How when did you create mx record? It takes a while untill mx dns replicates info a cross the world.

Do have SMTP allowed to come in? What does the firewall tell?

We need to get more spefied error because 550 can mean many things. Usually it relay error.

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by addiss In reply to Moro info needed

Thanks for reply? yes I?m able to send email in the domain and out side?I?ve created mx record like a week ago ..I?ve created in the A(host) record @  my IP and in the mx @  to my smtp address (godaddy)?about firewall? I?ve read EFW knowledge base and said no need to forward port 25 b/c I?m trying to use smtp proxy?.this the exact massage I?m getting when I send from outside ?Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 No such user (state 14). I hope this will answer your questions.

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by shasca In reply to Re:

If I'm reading this right you have only configured half of the system. SMTP to send but no POP to receive. here is a how-to.

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Half way their

by StealthWiFi In reply to Re:

You have the SMTP setup to recieve the email but your SBS server does not know how to proccess it. Make sure you have Active Directory setup and the account you are sending email to is allowed that email in active directory. Also once the email arrives your DNS needs to tell it where to go. Be sure you have your zone configured in SBS DNS so the emails can be delivered to the proper user store.

A little more info may help:
Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Exchange > System Manager

In system manager expand Connectors and right click-Properties on the SMTP connector.

General tab
Do you have Use DNS set or Forward all mail?

Under Local Bidgeheads is your server name listed?

Address Space tab
do you have SMTP with * and cost 1 set their for Entire organization?

Delivery Restrictions tab
Make sure default is accepted for everyone

Expand Servers > (server name) > Protocols > SMTP right click-properties on Default SMTP

Access tab
Under Authentication do you have Annonymous Access checked? If not you can not recieve emails.

In DNS do you have a forward lookup zone set for your domain? I add a MX record in their too just to be safe pointing to the FQDN of your Exchange server.

Let me know if you need more help than that, I can be reached through CrossLoop for support if you really need it (we can work something out). Sorry if the above isn't formated well, I'm in a rush.


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Really need this

by addiss In reply to Half way their

Thanks you guys,,,
Stealth yes i really really need this...I don't know what crossloop means....
yes I have use dns server name is Under Local Bidgeheads....SMTP with * an cost 1 set their for entire organization is there already...and delivery option is set to accept to everyone...anonymous access is checked... just added the mx record in dns... and still have problem....i also remove the firewall to narrow down the problem... thanks.
One more thing ...when i sent from outside the failed delivery report showing me with different/wrong smtp address....smtpr2.xxxx.xxxx

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by StealthWiFi In reply to Really need this

CrossLoop is a secure remote connect system through a verified 3rd party (so it's safe) that I would possibly be able to offer you assistants through if you need it.

First head over here and see what the results are (type in your IP):

The last one will check to make sure your server didn't get Blacklisted.

let me know the results, you can also email me an email address to try and I can test sending an email to you to see the failed results first hand. Post back if you need my email address.


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yes I need your email address

by addiss In reply to CrossLoop

Thank you very much for your support....
I did used the mx tool and the result is as folows
Preference=0 host and IP address= may be here is the problem...
when i do smtp daig I got "the requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found"....
I don't mind to do crossloop...
Thanks in advance.

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Have you configured port forwarding

by Dumphrey In reply to Re:

on the Endian to allow port 25 to the mail server? The "rejected by" means it is either bouncing the mail at the firewall or Exchange is improperly set up to accept mail for your domain. Checking the firewall is the quickest step :)

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did you run the connect to the internet Wizard

by CG IT In reply to Unable to recieve email o ...

on SBS?

Did you use SMTP for mail or POP3?

If you used SMTP for mail, then when the wizard asks for your domain name, you use your .com domain name. After that, when it asks if your using SMTP, you use the defaults shown on that screen. you don't change it.

After that, your Godaddy's DNS server needs an A record that says
<yourdomain>.com = your public IP address you also will need an MX record that says <yourdomain>.com 10<yourdomain>.com.

the MX record resolves to your domain name which in turn resolves to your ip address.

If you have a firewall on your perimeter router, between your SBS box and the internet, then you have to forward port 25 to the SBS box.

Do not change the domain name .local extension on the SBS box to a public extension such as .com/.net or forwarders in SBS DNS won't work properly

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all working fine

by addiss In reply to did you run the connect t ...

After i used the tool that stealthwifi sent me over, i realized that I made a mistake when I setup my dns record with godaddy...I've corrected the setings and I'm able to send and receive email. I thank you all(specially stealthwifi) for your support.

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