Unable to reinstall MS Office Winword 2003 after it was uninstalled from TS

By nishinexile ·
User had ongoing issues with word, slow load times, long delays while virus scan completed, issues with the file, got worse until at last word errors out totally.
Word says it must open in safe mode: if I choose yes it allows me to open the app but nothing else. If I choose no it returns to the error screen asking to open in safe mode-each time wanting to send a file to MS.
I tried *fix/repair* option when it safe mode via the help menu-no fix
I tried repair via the Add remove programs-no fix
I tried to return to orig state-no fix
Removed word thinking I would *simply* reinstall it


now it will not allow me to do that. Every time i try to do this it gets about half way through and then wants the office11.msi file. When I point it there it claims this is not a valid file-even though it is the OEM CD.
I have tried copying the CD to a folder on the server (DC) and then sharing-same thing, not a valid install package
I have tried doing the same thing at the root of the TS-same thing
I have tried using the CD on the TS-same thing
Tried a shared CD on the DC-same thing.

I tried to simply reinstall the entire suite but it does not want to do that because there is an install already on the system...wants me to remove that.

I refuse to do this because i fear I will have the same issues of not recognizing the .msi file and rather than not having Winword the users will have no office at all

Out look/email is vital to this org. so there is another reason such a step is last resort god I hope not they will kill me if it fails step

I really need a solution to this issue.

Office setup is MS Office 2003 (vol lic)
TS is MS Windows 2003 (TS Mode) w/all updates/patches in place
DC is Windows 2000 server.
TS bos is Asus board, 2.3 GHz CPU 4GB RAM...almost new.

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by shasca In reply to Unable to reinstall MS Of ...

Go through this document to see if you are missing a step. Terminal Server applications are installed differently than other OS's.

Hope it helps

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unable to reinstall Word after uninstall from TS

by nishinexile In reply to How-to

yes I did look at that-very first place I went...a good suggestion though

as i gets part way through but refuses to recognize the .msi...I brought the cd home and will see if it is an issue with the medium...but otherwise I don't know what to do

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Winword returned back to its place

by nishinexile In reply to unable to reinstall Word ...

I did not install this app so I did not know-there is no doc or information available on the entire TS setup...but it seems the install was from an Admin point and then someone removed the folder to the recycle bin. I was given some advice in that direction, so returned the folder to the orig location, and low and behold Winword reinstalled without a peep..
the original problem remains where one user *always* gets the offer to open in safe mode, otherwise cannot open Word, but can open docs from safe mode. other users see an intermittent messages along the same lines but are able to safely ignore it

This is a new problem, or a variation on the first one

and it is looking more and more like a reinstall is the only option...which prbly will not solve the one users problem as i *think* I am dealing with some kind of corruption on the profile.

Question: if I delete all the Office 11 files in the profile(minus user data-docs etc) and simply allow the TS to recreate them will this cause Windows to have a nervous breakdown and flee screaming into the night?
It would be preferable to do this then reinstall, as I have a hard time getting all the users to get off the system and do not have the authority to compel them-supervisor *does not* want to come in during off time... so I find myself in a bit of a circle here

Thanks to all the advice/help-I love this site.

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Give this a try

by shasca In reply to Winword returned back to ...

You can backup,delete, and then let the TS create a new profile if you feel it is corrupt.Or.

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Nothing to do with the problem but it's great to see

by CG IT In reply to Unable to reinstall MS Of ...

questions like this instead of the usual fare of password cracking or some such basic PC keyboard/mouse/CD/DVD/ troubleshooting.


If your Terminal Server application runs slow, then you have to look at the terminal server resources and whether or not it is sufficent for the # of users you have. Terminal Services provide the application to users unlike a local machine install of office applications.

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