Unable to remove or install any MS Office Applications and their components

By KC_ ·
I am finding myself stranded on un-installing Office 2003 and installing office 2007 on a windows 03 server. The machine used to have Office 2003 installed, but the outlook wasn't working well. so I had decided to uninstall it, and install office 2007 instead. but as the uninstallation had failed, now, I can't uninstall nor install any office product. (but other installation such as goolge toolbar and web applications were installed and removed successfully)

I tried using the "Office Removal Kit" (ORK.exe) - but can't install this program now, it starts, but hangs in the middle

I tried using "Windows Installer Cleanup Utiliy" - which I removed the office 2003 and office 2007 compatability. but it only takes away the Offices out of control panel - add/remove program, it didn't un-install office

I wonder if it was windows installer got corrupted. or registry holds keys from previous installation. I tried to followed a MS KB ( to manually delete the keys, still no progress with installing office again. any ideas anyone?

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Download and install the Office Removal Wizard

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Unable to remove or insta ...

The Office Removal Wizard is automatically installed on your computer when you install the Office Resource Kit.

Toolbox The Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit toolset (ork.exe) is available as a download:

You can find this downloadable file on the Office 2003 Resource Kit Downloads page.

*****This will be of help here*****
To locate the tool, click the Start button, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Office, point to Microsoft Office Tools, point to Microsoft Office Resource Kit, and then click Removal Wizard.

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Doesn't it sometimes seem like....

by tintoman In reply to Download and install the ...

some people simply can't be bothered to read the question before they answer it.
If I were you I would try downloading the Revo uninstaller from here:
This programme is great and killing the registry entries ofter the uninstall.
However I also think you might end up resetting the registry permissions using SubInAcl. There is more info on that here:
Good luck

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agree with Tintomans suggestion

by markp24 In reply to Doesn't it sometimes seem ...


I have used Revo-uninstaller, works great for these situations.

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Forgot to mention

by KC_ In reply to agree with Tintomans sugg ...

Thanks all. I forgot to mention one thing. I am using remote desktop to connect to that Windows 03 server for the office 2007 installation. Does installing through Remote Desktop (or should i call it "Terminal Server) has limitation? could that be the reason that cause the installation or uninstallation never complete?

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by KC_ In reply to Forgot to mention

I finally got the office 2007 installed on the machine. the system admin helped with restoring a backup from before, and then I installed office again. the installation however did took a whole night, but this morning it's finally done, and I could open the office / outlook for configuration. I supposed there was something wrong with the system, and actually the backup restore was the trick to it. thanks all.

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same problem

by no13 In reply to Resolved

Hey I'm having the same problem. I had Office 2007 installed and running just fine until I also loaded on Office 2010 and the trial period on that ran out.
I was stuck with the 2007 version in "reduced functionality mode" with no way of activating the product.
I was then unable to uninstall 2010 from control panel due to it saying the install was corrupted, which I solved by installing and uninstalling 2010 again, but now it says the 2007 install is corrupted.

I have tried the office removal wizard from the 2003 resource kit but that just freezes half way through.

Update: I have got the removal wizard to finish succesfully via safe mode yet office 2007 is still partly installed, it still cant be removed from add/remove programs either.

Update #2: I have used all 3 versions of the microsoft fixit programs from KB290301 to remove office, this did the trick and I am now able to install 2007 again. Problem solved.

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