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Unable to renew IP

By Svart0 ·
I have a problem with the network connection, namely that I can't renew the IP-adress. The connection works fine when I start up the computer but as soon as I have to renew it, if there is a disturbance on the phone line (using DSL) or I unplug and reconnect the cable to the modem (or router if I use one) or some other reason, the connection gets "limited or no access" (freely translated from my Swedish Windows version).
I tried to renew using command prompt and the command ipconfig /renew and I get the response : [cannot due to] "RPC-server is unavailable".

My system:
Op. sys: Win XP (swe)
Net: VIA VT6103L,Realtek 8201CL
Proc: Sempron 3000+

I have tried using a USB-connected LAN adapter but had the same problem. I have also booted to PuppyLinux just to see if it was a problem with Windows but I still had problems with the LAN adapter.

Could the motherboard, bios or any other hardware components cause this problem?

Some of the things I've tried so far include trying the computer at a different location, different ISP as well as with or without a router. If I use a router and assign a static IP it works because the computer doesn't have to renew, but I would like to be able to use the computer without a router.

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Renew your IP

by grafixmaster In reply to Unable to renew IP

What is your PC plugged in to, you don't say?
The problem will be with the device that is giving your computer the IP address.

basic commands to renew IP in windows.
go to command prompt (CMD) and type

This will tell you what your local IP address is. Assuming your LAN cable is plugged in to the router and it is switched on, you will get an IP address of 192.168.x.x

If you don't get any number at all, then type
ipconfig /release
followed by
ipconfig /renew

It should give you a new IP address.
If it does not, or starts with 254.x.x.x
then check the Router settings you are using.
Go to the HTML interface and check it is giving out DHCP.

Let us know how you get on.

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it has to be the computer

by Svart0 In reply to Renew your IP

I have tried the computer with several different routers or directly into the dsl-modem and the same problem occurs. If i tell the router to assign a static IP there is no problem unless there is a connection-breach (ie I unplug and reconnect the cable). The real problem occurs if I connect the computer directly to the DSL-modem. My ISP will then assign an IP for about 30 minutes and then I have to renew. Since the computer cannot renew I have to reboot the computer.
I am sure that the problem is with the computer and not with any of the routers or modems that I've tried and that work well with my other computer.

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Sounds like DSL trouble

by oldbaritone In reply to Unable to renew IP

I have had the same problem from time-to-time. It sure sounds like a DSL hardware problem or wire problem on the DSL side. Call tech support and have them test your DSL. They can access performance information (from their side) that may indicate where the problem is.

Since you have already tried different network card and different OS, they're probably not the problem. You were correct to suspect them first. Many times, "reinstall Windows" will fix problems like this.

But you already tried another (clean) OS, and it had the same problem. You also tried different network hardware on your machine, and still had the same error. That's why I'm guessing it may be a DSL problem. I'm assuming you have already called them for tech support. If not, call them now.

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tried it

by Svart0 In reply to Sounds like DSL trouble

Yes I've called them and they verified disturbances in the feed but could not specify where the problem was. I thought at first that it was a problem with the modem, cables, or the wires to the ISP but I have moved the computer to a completely different location (the computer is my mother-in-law's and I tried it at my house) with a different modem and also with a router. The problem still occurs. As I wrote in another reply there is no problem as long as the computer doesn't have to renew IP. If my router gives it a static IP there is never any trouble.

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Try this

by grafixmaster In reply to tried it

If you move the computer and the problem follows it, this would imply the computer is at fault.

Check the event viewer for any problems.
I am supprised the ISP changes your IP address during a session, this doesn't make sense. I thought this would happen only after a DSL disconnect.

Anyway, run your connection until it stops working. Check the event viewer, and see if it reports anything unusual around the time it fails.

I guess you have the latest drivers for the network card on your system. update if not.

While your internet connection is working, run a constant PING to google (for example)

ping -t

it will keep scrolling the results in the command window. You will see the response times as well. Long time, more than 2500ms is not good. And if you get timeouts, get yout local telephone company to do a noise test on the line.

Also, do you have DSL filters on all your telephone sockets in the house? Also, too many phone devices in the house will cause signal quality problems.

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Not the problem though

by Svart0 In reply to Try this

I appreciate the time spent on posting the reply but the problem is not timeout or DSL disconnect. There may indeed be disturbances and such but the REAL problem is that the computer cannot renew the IP.
If the computer was working properly it would automatically reestablish connection and renew IP if there was a disconnect. Or, at the very least, it would be able to renew IP if I tell the interface to repair and renew, but it does not. I have to restart the computer to reestablish connection.
As for the ISP changing the IP, yes it sometime does so. The standard is that after a certain period (approx 30 min) the computer has to renew IP, but mostly you recieve the same IP again. But my computer cannot even renew IP to the same one again..

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