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Unable to run program under windows 2000

By amendes ·
I am not sure if this should be classified as a group policy or not.
Before I start, we are running windows 2000 and we have all the up to date patches installed.
Here is my problem.
When trying to run a specific program nothing happens. We don't get any error messages or any indicators that the program is trying to run (not even in the task manager). While trying to solve this problem I have found the following out.
I can log on as user1 (for example) and try to run the program. Nothinghappens. While I am still logged on as user1, I can get it to run by using the run as command.
I have more that just user1 that is having the same problem. They range from adminstrators to somewhat restricted users.
Just when I think that it is limited to profiles. I have a machine that will not work for any profile, but once again with this one the run as command works.
I would appreciate any help that can be provided.

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by edwarvel In reply to Unable to run program und ...

Windows 2000 has a diferent registry structure and a diferent way of dealing w/ memory and program to hardware calls. I suspect in your case it is an issue w/ the way the program lists itself in the registry durring install. Your first step should be to check w/ the maker of the program for a Win2k update or patch or call their tech support since there could be a zillion things that if only a little off could cause very strange results. If that isn't a possability then if it's an older program or even a newer program that is written run as a 16 bit program Win2k will only run it using a 16 bit shell called monwow something or other (it stands for something windows on windows). Windows 9x can run 16 bit programs w/o calling monwow, althoughmost do, Win2k can't as I understand it. It may be that the link in your start menu is tryin to launch it w/o calling monwow and when you use run as, since that acts as a command line, Win2k checks out the program first to determine it's nature and if it discovers a 16 bit program it launches it on it's own. Just a shot in the dark on this last part and I'm not even sure I've got the facts right as far as 16 vrs. 32 bit programs but that is where I'd start to look.

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