unable to save user rights in "access this computer from the network"

By paul ·
Hello all,

I have a Windows XP workstation that is part of our peer to peer network and has our shared printer attached to it. Our problem is no one can access either the PC or the printer from the network. The only place I found something that looked wrong is in the "local security policy","local policies","user rights Assignment","Access this computer from the network". This setting is blank. No users are assigned to this setting and when I try to add the users that belong in there, it won't save them. Does anyone know how I can get the default users back into this setting correctly?
Any help is appreciated in advance.

Paul Herman

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DC Policy

by sbrown95 In reply to unable to save user right ...

If you have a DC in an AD environment, you may be getting an override on a policy setting from the DC. You should check the domain policy to make sure this setting isn't applied and/or enforced via AD.

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enable file and printer sharing?

by CG IT In reply to unable to save user right ...

the "workgroup" is the same? The everyone group check box is checked under the sharing permissions?

for local security policy see this Technet article and their associated links before you change any settings under the access this computer from the network setting.

These are the defaults: see this Technet article:


? On workstations and servers:

? Administrators

? Backup Operators

? Power Users

? Users

? Everyone

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I am System Administrator i am unable to save the user securtiy Assignment

by raghu125 In reply to unable to save user right ...

Access this computer from the Network security is not saving.

Every 5 min i use add the permission as Everyone.

so please helpme out to save it permentaly.

i am waiting for your reply

Raghu Sathram

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Have you found a solution to this?

by stevenw In reply to I am System Administrato ...

I am experiencing the sam problem. Could you please let me know how you solved it?

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Please Help...I am having the same issue

by pppichardo2002 In reply to Have you found a solution ...

I have been trying to solve the same problem we are all having for over a week. Any groups put into "access this computer from the network" security policy keeps getting automatically removed from the list within 5 minutes or so. I am not sure what is causing this issue. I made sure Firewall is turned OFF and "Simple Fire Sharing" is turned off/on. i have different scenarios but all fails. Anyone have a solution?

Thanks All

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The solution is

by IC-IT In reply to Please Help...I am having ...

to, please start your own question.
This is a Zombie thread two years old.
Additionally, when someone gives you the solution, you could then mark it as helpful so the next soul could find the answer. ;-)

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