Unable to send e-mail to a specific Domain name

By Anqara05 ·
I'm using Exchnage 2000 and My Boss has been able to forward E-mails to his private business account. this past 10 days no e-mails he forwarded has been delievered to his private e-mail. i checked and there is 5 of them sitting on the smtp queue waiting to be retried. he receives e-mails from all other places except from our Domain.
my question is, how would i go about tracing this, or get an answer why the delivery was delayed.

any help is greatly appreciated.


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Are able to send emails

by Acer1986 In reply to Unable to send e-mail to ...

are you able to send any emails, or are they all getting queued up? have you ever checked if your domain might have been blacklisted (spam sender) this happened to us once, one of our directors opened an email attachment which contained a virus, and it started sending out thousands of emails, so our domain was blacklisted and almost every email server denied emails from us and regarded them as spam, it might be worth checking out

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If you go ito exchange system monitor

by Dumphrey In reply to Are able to send emails

you can go into diagnostic logging (on server properties) and enable (max) MSExchangeTransport settings to max. Then you will have greater detail in both your logs and in event viewer to help troubleshoot the issue. It could also be that a spam filter on the other end is blocking the mail.

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Other e-mails are flowing fine.

by Anqara05 In reply to If you go ito exchange sy ...

Acer1988: all other e-mails are flowing fine, and the black list issue, we had that with the same domain and we resolved months back, so i don't think it is the issue here, unless somehow we went back on the list.

Dumphrey, i will try your suggestion and let you know.

thanks to both of you.

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Something will work =)

by Dumphrey In reply to Other e-mails are flowing ...

Ohh, juts as a whim, double check that all dns servers are available. Exchange can throw up all kinds of errors if DNS is for some reason not working. Especially on the advanced tab of the smtp virtual server.
On the exchange server do an nslookup for the domain name of your boss's alternate email.

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events will be logged

by Anqara05 In reply to If you go ito exchange sy ...

events will be logged into event viewer correct or there is a log file that gets created, if so where is located ?

i enabled medium logging for now only on SMTP, and forced a connection on the queue of those 4 e-mails, nothing got logged.

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by Anqara05 In reply to events will be logged

I turned on the diagnostics logging yesterday, and still nothing got logged in, at least in the event viewer, is there a log file that was created somwhere, i looked couldn't find one.


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The logs for exchange are by default

by Dumphrey In reply to Update

(if i recall correctly) in c:\Windows\system32\LogFiles. The SMTPSVC1 is the smtp dialog logs. So you are getting no errors in event viewer at all when mail fails?

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No errors

by Anqara05 In reply to The logs for exchange are ...

Yup no errors on event viewer, and no logs int SMTPSVC1 direcory.

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Sounds like you may need to check in Exchange

by Dumphrey In reply to No errors

and see if the NDR logging is enabled and where logs are kept... Look i System Manager, Server Properties, general tab. Should show you where the basic logs are and if logging is enabled. Any Exchange events at all in event viewer applications?

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There are Exchange events in Event Viewer

by Anqara05 In reply to No errors

I just don't have any events for MS exchange transport. logging is checked.
also nslookup on the recipient domain worked.

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