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    Unable to sign or encrypt email messages


    by rodneytinsley731 ·

    I am running Window XP with Outlook 2003. I have setup Outlook to send
    certificates and/or encrypt email messages. But everytime I attempt to send I
    receive the following message: Microsoft Outlook could not sign or encrypt
    this message because your certificate is not valid.

    I know the certs work because the user is currently using cac card with
    certs to send certificates on their current Window XP with Outlook 2003
    workstation to internal and external addresses. I have removed the certs, put
    them back in place, made certs available to windows through the activcard
    client, and checked the checked the configuration over and over without any

    Is there any idea why I keep receiving this error?

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      by rodneytinsley731 ·

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      actual answer

      by naultr6 ·

      In reply to Unable to sign or encrypt email messages

      Since the other person didn’t answer your question at all.

      I was having this same problem and your post kept coming up when I googled for a solution. Here is what I did to fix it.

      go to “Tools” in your Outlook and select “Trust Center”.

      Click on “E-mail Security”

      Select “Add digital signature to outgoing messages”

      Click “Publish to GAL” (if you have this opption)

      Click “OK”

      close down Outlook and re-open it.

      You should be good to go.

      if you open a new message, now you should see the digital signature and encryption icons in the “Options” block at the top right.

      FYI, these instructions are for Outlook 2007.

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