Unable to sync time on Win 2008 Server

By edschoffler ·
I have a computer lab setup with 23 clients all running windows vista. The server is running Windows Server 2008 w/ Active Directory. I have the server configured to automatically synchronize the time with the 23 clients. However, one of the computers will not synchronize. All the other 22 computers sync up just fine. It's just this one computer. I can manually change the time on the computer but as soon as the computer is logged off and back on it goes back to 11:46 AM. The bizarre thing is that the time on this computer never changes. When you log on to this computer the time is ALWAYS 11:46AM. This network is not connected to the internet. Does anyone know why this computer's time would not sync with the server and why it always reverts to 11:46 AM? And by the way, the computer logs in just fine to the domain, it maps the drives, and prints to the network printer. All networking aspects appear to work just fine. It's the time that just won't sync with the server.

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Have you checked the BIOS on the computer in question?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Unable to sync time on Wi ...

It could be quite simple as a replacement CMOS battery. Usually the type you will be looking for is 2032 flat cell.
Have a look in the BIOS of the computer in question to see if it is holding the correct time, if not then change the CMOS batt.
Make sure you are grounded first, and do a full backup just in case.

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Something Fishy here

by Kenone In reply to Unable to sync time on Wi ...

Open a command prompt and type "time" (no quotes) what does it say? Is it close to being correct? If your time was that far off you wouldn't be able to connect to the domain. Has someone just replaced your time image with an icon?

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