Unable to update Default User profile on Windows 2003 R2

By mystlawer ·
I have done the normal procedure literally hundreds of times of logging in as a User-A, configure everything in the world you want for your settings, then copying the User-A profile to the Default User.

For some reason a new server build running W2K3 R2 with SP2 and all current Critical Updates does not allow this procedure to happen. The only item of note is that this particular server is a terminal server. It will be replacing two older TS's, which I have done this exact same tweaking of the default user profile.

What I receive is an error box entitled "Profile Error" with the following message "Directory <C:\Documents and Settings\Default User> could not be deleted. Please delete the directory and retry."

There is no associated error in the event logs.

My search online has only turned up the procedure I've outlined above, or one for a AD Domain wide default user profile being copied into NETLOGON.

Any ideas? I tried doing this from Safe Mode but then the server doesn't know the SIDs and when you select the unknown account (I choose the one I want to use by its size) the option to "copy" is not available.

Thanks in advance.

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Logged in

by shasca In reply to Unable to update Default ...

Are you trying to copy the profile you are logged into? You need to login as different user to copy that profile over. You also must restart, as log off/log on doesn't release all the profile files for copying.

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yes, I tried those things

by mystlawer In reply to Unable to update Default ...

The user account I used to build my desired profile - testuser - is different from the one I am using - administrator - to perform the copy to Default User.

I have restarted the server as this is a common/known issue if you were logged into the the "source" profile and have logged off, some file(s) remain in use and cause the copy to fail.

I'm looking for very non-standard solutions for this sort of thing as I am pretty well versed in issues related tweaking the default user profiles.

But thanks all the same. Anyone else have ideas or insights??

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Have you double checked

by IC-IT In reply to yes, I tried those things

The permissions on the Default profile?
Tried a manual delete of the folders within the default profile?
You may need to use a program (free) like unlocker.
You could try a delete of the contents in Safe Mode.
There may be a service that is blocking the delete, Quickbooks is known for that.

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I've gotten this before too....

by jayson.allen In reply to Unable to update Default ...

It had something to do with the hidden .DAT file used by Internet Explorer to cache your websites.... Delete the Temporary Internet folder in the user profile you are trying to copy to the default user profile. I believe that was the fix.

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