Unable to use new Maxell DLTtape IV tapes with Tape drive

Purchased three new Maxell DLT tape IV cartridges. I am unable to get the driver to write to them. Receive message from the Benchmark DLT1/VS80 tape drive that an unrecognized media has been found that has never been used. Asked if I want to prepare the tape. I say yes. I then receive the message that the tape drive coudldn't write to the media. Eject it, fix the problem (see the event log) and try again. The event log Source: Removable fStorage Sev. Event I 111 States that RSM could not load media in ?drinve \\. \Tape0 of Library Drive 0. This problem does not occur when using any of the existing tapes in the media pool.

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Those tapes may simply not work with that drive.

by seanferd In reply to Unable to use new Maxell ...

Check it out. See the approved media list from the drive vendor, and/or the compatibility claims made for that Maxell tape.

They may look the same, and fit in the drive, but it doesn't mean they will work. Or, maybe you just got a load of bad tapes.

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If I am reading your description correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Unable to use new Maxell ...

You are attempting to use Maxwell DLT tape IV Cartridges on a Quantum Benchmark DLT1/VS80 Tape drive.

Is that correct?

If it is the Compatible media listed is

Media Compatibility

DLTtape IV 40GB native capacity

DLT 4000 Read Compatible

DLT1 Read/Write Compatible

DLT VS Cleaning Tape 20 uses

They do not list any 10 GIG Tapes as being compatible with this drive which is all I can find listed on the Maxwell Tapes.


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