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Unable to view pdf files as downloads

By ebrann ·
Over the last year, I have tried a number of times to download a pdf document from a TechRepublic site. Everytime, it opens a small gray window and locks up my system. I download pdf files from other sites with out any problems. I am running Windows 98SE, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Adobe Reader 6.0.4. It makes no sence to subscribe to TechRepublic if the available information is not available to view.

Your assistance will be appreciated.

Ed Brann

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by TheChas In reply to Unable to view pdf files ...

Ed, this is a peer to peer support forum. Tech Republic staffers only loosely monitor what gets posted here, and seldom respond to questions themselves.

Have you gone through the FAQ on downloads posted on the TR help page?
That is a good place to start.

Next, a work-around.

Block or close the pop-up window.

On the page that opens up after clicking the link for the download, right click on the word "here"
in the line:
"If your download doesn't begin automatically, please click here."

Choose to save the file and save it where you want it.
You should be able to open the file with Acrobat.

As to your actual problem, I suspect a Windows system error in handling the loading of Adobe into the pop-up window.

Start by checking for an updated video driver for your video card.
Why? Many Windows updates (and IE6 falls into this class) break older video drivers.

If the latest Windows 9X driver for your card does not support DirectX 9, it also will not properly support IE 6.

2 of my rules of thumb for Windows system stability are to:

Never install a newer version of DirectX than is supported by the video card driver.

Never install IE 6 on a Windows 98 PC when the video driver does not support DirectX 9.

After fighting stability problems on one of my home systems with W98SE and IE6, I finally upgraded to XP. The system is now more stable than ever.

Your third option is to switch browsers and use Firefox. In my experience, Firefox is much more stable than IE 6 on a W98 system.


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by ebrann In reply to

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I cannot close the popup window because the system is locked at that point. It is reboot time. I cannot terminate IE and continue. Thanks for your response. I may try Firefox just to see if it works. A friend of mine swares by it.

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by antuck In reply to Unable to view pdf files ...

Another thought maybe to uninstall and reinstall Adobe reader. I had a simular case where the customer couldn't open PDF's online. I tried doing an update to Adobe reader but still couldn't open a PDF online. After uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe reader, everything worked fine.

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by ebrann In reply to

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Sounded like a good suggestion. Didn't work. Even started with a new download from Adobe. Thanks any way

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by ebrann11 In reply to Unable to view pdf files ...

Toss your old computer out the window!!!

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