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Unaccounted-for space - how can I find what's consuming it?

By crhinehart ·
One of my clients has recently had a couple of worms planted on their server. We have taken steps to remove and deactivate these rogue programs - some of which were FTP programs. We have already removed 2 GB of pornographoc material from the server. However, the server reports that the 26 GB disk has 19 GB of data on it. I have checked the properties of each folder at the root and their sum total equals only 11 GB. There are no large files at the root. (I did have the "show all files" options turned on.) I repeated the test by using the command prompt's 'dir /s' command on each root folder. The disk usage came out the same - 11 GB. There are 8 GB of files that I can find no trace of! How can I locate these files?

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Drive Problems

by rudder73 In reply to Unaccounted-for space - h ...

1.What OS is being run?

2. Remember, Windoze runs strange when using 'certain' HD' total space used/available can be off by as much as 32GB(the limitation in 9. M$ claims a fix is out.

3. FAT16/FAT32 or NTFS?

4. don't forget dir/p and dir/w.

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