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    Unattended Install


    by guy ·


    I’m currently developing a standard workstation for the company I work for. I have several options to start the install of Windows XP, among which is the unattended install through the network with a good old DOS boot disk. As you probably know, the XP install requires several reboots (I counted four), which messes up my plans as I want to insert the boot disk, switch the PC on, and walk away, to only come back after a few hours and find that XP (and all other applications) has been installed fully. My question therefore is, does anyone know of a way to automatically bypass booting from a floppy when a floppy is in the floppy drive.

    For example, I can do a check to see whether a specific file exists. If true, the PC boots from c, if not, the PC boots from floppy. Maybe there is a tool available somewhere (which I haven’t found) that can do this.

    Thanks for your time

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      Not A Discussion Topic

      by jackofalltech ·

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      Please post questions in the Q&A area. Thanks.

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      Reply To: Unattended Install

      by hung.pham ·

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      Try setting up a boot cd-rom. With dell GX series hitting F12 will allow to boot from different devices than the primary. If you boot from CD-ROM initally by hitting F12. The next boot up will not boot from the CD-ROM if you spefic CD_rom after hard drive.

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      Check out Altiris

      by dritchie ·

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      Suggest you and your company look into using Altiris to deploy OS and software.

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