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Unattended installation

By dseaman_797 ·
I'm trying to perform an unattended installation of XP but it just doesn't seem to work . I've followed the steps from the MS website, as well as a few other forums and it just won't work.What am I doing wrong......I'm trying to do run the install on virtual pc. I could really use some help on this.

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To do this you need the OPK install CD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Unattended installation

If you use the standard OEM CD it requires that you stop and enter details along the way. If you have brought a large number of XP Licenses you'll find one OPK Install CD with every Pack of 3 or at least unless someone has messed with the OEM Packs that what you should find.

However if you are using a Volume License for this and not OEM Product you'll need to contact MS for the OPK Disc as all their instructions involve using this install media.


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by dseaman_797 In reply to To do this you need the O ...

Ok , that makes a lot of sense , so the OEM CD cannot use the unattend file to install , if I've understood you correctly . Cause it seems no matter what I do, it always stops and ask me to manually enter details regardless of the presence of the unattend file. Thanks alot , you've been really helpful. :)

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Try this

by wcp In reply to Unattended installation

I highly recommend the following site.


Unattended Windows installation can be done on OEM, Retail, and Volume License Ed.

You can also slipstream all the current MS critical updates, drivers, and applications.


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