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    Unattended installation NT 4 srv


    by edrox ·


    is it possible to unattend install an NT 4 server totally, I know how to do this with workstations, no prob using DHCP, but can I make a customised install disk per site so if anything goes wrong, the user can be instructed over the phone howto reinstall his server, basiccally put in the floppy, and when it beeps take it out, etc.

    My big prob is, can I enter the machine name and IP number on an unattend flop?

    Thanks in advance,

    Eduard de Vries

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      Unattended installation NT 4 srv

      by pascal.pelzer ·

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      Last year I migrated dozens of NT 3.51 servers to NT4 installed using the unattended installation.
      Here is the command file called once the floppy has established a network connection (V:) with the share where the file resides :

      v:\smartdrv.exe /U
      v:\format c: /V:”” < v:\format.key lock c: < v:\format.key v:\i386SRV\winnt /S:v:\i386SRV /U:v:\unatSRV.txt /UDF:ServerID,v:\SRV.udb The first line speeds up the copy of the installation files (it's really worth it). An exerpt of the uniqueness database SRV.udb file : [UniqueIds] ServerID = UserData,GUIUnattended,NetWork,SelectedServicesList,AdaptersSection,TCPParams [ServerID:UserData] ComputerName = "ServerName" [ServerID:GUIUnattended] AdvServerType = LANSECNT [ServerID:NetWork] InstallDC = DomainName [ServerID:AdaptersSection] CpqNF3 = CpqNF3Params [ServerID:TCPParams] IPAddress = Subnet = Gateway = Take a look at the TCPParams section. That's rather straightforward. Now if you want to ent

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