Unattended W2K Pro Installation

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I?m trying to perform an Unattended Installation of Windows 2000 Pro using WINNT32.
Both the server and client are Pentium II/ 266 Mhz PC?s connected to each other by a hub. They are completely compatible for this operation.
The server has W2K Pro Server operating system on it, and client has just W2K Pro O.S.
I?ve mapped the drives of both the server and client so they both see each other?s c-drive and can be pinged as well.
From the W2K Pro cd, I?ve created the c:\Deployment Tools folder and extracted \\Support\Tools files onto the servers folder (c:\Deployment Tools).
Then, after launching Setup Mgr and answering all the setup prompts, a shared Distribution folder (c:\win2000dist) was created on the server?s c-drive for the answer file (unatted.txt) to go; and the contents of the i386 folder from the CD-Rom were copied to it too.

Unattended Installation Using WINNT32 (the big how-to question)
Apparently two conditions must be met:
1. Create a shared distribution folder on a networked computer system?DONE
2. Create a boot disk with a network client?using Microsoft?s KB Q142857 article.
(I don?t understand this part)

A. The tech is to Boot the system to the command prompt and connect to the network distribution share using the NET USE command
(i.e., net use z:\\servername\distribution_folder_name).
Question: which PC is the Boot done from, the client or the server?

B. This is followed by: using a Windows 9x boot disk, type WINNT32 at the prompt with the following parameters:
winnt32 /s:z:\i386 /unattend:z:\unattend.txt
Question: again, the client or server? And, if the i386 files and the unattended.txt files are c-drive of the server, but accessed by the y-drive of the client, what should the syntax look like?
Thanks for your reply.

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by CG IT In reply to Unattended W2K Pro Instal ...

you should have PXE boot enabled on the NIC on the client comp. if you don't have a PXE bootable NIC you can boot using any boot media CD, flash floppy with networking.

this isn't quite how I did Remote Installs. I actually installed a RIS server and created a shared drive to store images on.

so all I had to do after a PXE boot at the command line was winnt32 /unattend:<answer file> /s:<install source> {shared folder}
[/syspart:<target drive&gt [/tempdrive:<target drive&gt

see Technet for Windows unattended installations.

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