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    Unauthorized Third Access

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    So I’ve had this problem for at the very least about a year now. If I think back, it’s been going on for a lot longer than that.

    It started off with my Galaxy S8 on ATT. It was subtle at first and I just presumed them to be glitches. Webpages would open by themselves. The back button would randomly go off at times. Things would “click” themselves. It wasnt as prominent as it is now so I just assumed it to be weird errors.

    So around April of 2019 the glitches got so bad that I thought my phone was being hacked and I needed to get my own plan so I upgraded to an S10 on the T-Mobile network.

    Things started off slow, but the same kind of problems kept happening. It just got a lot creepier because webpages started to open by themselves had significance to what was going on in my life. Like I had been fighting with my GF and a PsychologyToday article about narcissism opened on my phone which was beyond reaching distance.

    I still had my S8 and used it at home to simply surf the web and such. There was a point where I thought I was going to end up in someone hacking my account and exposing stupidly taken nudes. Because I had my new S10 and was scared, I ripped the back of the S8 off and ripped the battery out.

    This is where I believe I discovered one of the primary problems. Now the S8 might take a 15 second charge if I plug it into the wall, but it had enough juice to start up and when it accessed the PlayStore it showed up as two unique devices.

    The PlayStore had two Galaxy S8’s with just slightly different names accessing my account on the same day. I’ve almost always felt like I was guest on my phones while someone else was the administrator. My Note10+ had a similar issue which I will get to later.

    So my S8 is toast now because the battery isn’t removable on the fly. So I’m using the S10 now and the same problems keep happening. Things clicking themselves, webpages opening, as I’m typing something will hit space midword, and the creepy feeling of an omnipresent watcher.

    I realized my S10’s dictionary of used words was just kind of off. Words I wouldn’t use started to show up in my autopredictions. One day perplexed by what was showing up, I just began hitting the center word. The sentence that popped up was something like “I really enjoyed the video of the 15 year old girl”. Special note, my phone is beginning to lag terribly the farther I get into this. So freaked out by that 15 year old girl sentence I erased it, but curious repeated the process ag

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      What was it??

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      You have me curious, and then the article ends mid sentence….. What turned out to be the cause??

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