Unblocking IP Ranges

By TylorMyers ·
I work for a hosting company which clients include spammers. These spammers are getting entire network segments blocked and then canceling their service. What is the best way to get these IP's available again?

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Not entirely easy to do, not sure that's possible, nor necessary

by robo_dev In reply to Unblocking IP Ranges

Since the blocking is happening at the firewalls of hundreds or even thousands of end users, there is no simple and effective way to get all those people to unblock your IP range.

The question would be, why would it really matter? If the end user needs to get to a service or email from a site that's blocked by their firewall, they would simply remove that part of the block.

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Many ISPs hit at the root cause

by TobiF In reply to Unblocking IP Ranges

For most ip-addresses, they will discard outgoing tcp connections to port 25.

Exceptions: Connections from known and legitimate email servers, and traffic to the ISP's own smtp server.

Oh, and:
- have corporate customers sign off that they won't knowingly spam from their servers, and
- apply some abuse/spam detection on the smtp server.

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By whom?

by seanferd In reply to Unblocking IP Ranges

"These spammers are getting entire network segments blocked..."

Who is blocking the IPs? If any particular ISP, you will have to talk to them. If it is because they end up on block lists that anyone can use, you may have to appeal to an awful lot of people.

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by robo_dev In reply to By whom?

It's like forcing people to listen when a tree falls in an empty forest. :)

If your IP is on a blacklist maintained by a big company, then obviously that company does not care about you, your website, or your email.

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And if the spam does not stop,

by seanferd In reply to Precisely

no one will de-list the domains/IPs.

I believe one could ingratiate oneself with RBL, etc., block lists and security/anti-spam communities by filing your own complaints and providing evidence against the spammers to a responsible gov authority.

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Of course finding someone who

by robo_dev In reply to And if the spam does not ...

A) understands what you're talking about and

B) Gives a _darn_ <---(forum rules prevent correct term being used here)

I think that the approach should be sanctions against the ISP.

Let's say that if an ISP is identified as the source of more than X percentage of spam, they get shut down.

Then the ISP service could be just a teensy bit more selective about who they sign up as customers.

As it is now, it's like if a rental company rented vehicles with no ID requirement, so people are robbing banks with their rental cars.

Same with ISPs, they are happy to sell service to any scammer with a suitcase full of cash, no questions asked.

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